Saturday 29 February 2020

Team Building with Linocut- Into the Garden

My local quilt group is going to have an exhibition this Autumn with the theme "Garden". I have a small group of ladies that meet once or twice a month to sew assorted types of quilts with like minded people. We decided that we would do our own challenge quilts for the exhibit. Our main requirement was that we wanted to try miniature quilts- these will be 30 cm x 30 cm.
To make it a bit more fun, we also decided that we would create a linoleum block to print with, with a common theme. As you can see, we chose snails!

Some of the ladies were quite hesitant at first, but with soft cut linoleum blocks and a bit of encouragement, we got some great results.

We started by sketching our designs on small pieces of soft cut linoleum.

I like to give beginners a piece of lino bigger than the desired size of the image. This gives the artist a place to hold the block while carving.

Next, we cut the image part of the block down to size, used a foam roller and black Opaque fabric paint, and rolled on the paint.

We then placed the block onto the desired fabric, rolled the backside with a clean rubber roller, and voila!
It's easy to go back into the block afterwards and clean up any extra carving you want to do. I personally thinks it adds to the handmade feel of the piece.
I thought it would be a fun idea to print everyone's blocks onto the same piece of fabric, as a record of our day together, this project, and our group as a whole.

Aren't they all fantastic?

I can't wait to see what their final projects are going to be- you all will get to see more of mine as I will be using some more interesting techniques throughout the process.
If you want some more info and ideas on linoleum cutting, you can check out some of my previous blog posts:

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