Monday 2 March 2020

Abstract Art with Brusho's and Paint

Hello Colourcraft friends.  Gail here today.  
Did you know Brusho's are 42 years old this year!!!  
42 years of fabulous colour explosion.  
 The original, hand made with high quality ingredients, an extensive range of 32 highly concentrated colours, unique, transparent, intermixable, incredibly vibrant highly pigmented water-colour crystals, combined with binders specifically formulated to enhance performance and visibility of each colour, VOC, oil and acid free and exclusively manufactured by Colourcraft at our factory in Sheffield!!!!  
What more could you want???  
A giveaway???  
Hop over to the Colourcraft page and leave a comment for a chance to win!!  
But first......
check out my project............

I've made an abstract painting using Colourcraft Brusho's and acrylic paints.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I am loving this.

I started by applying a line of Eco Metallic Pearl Acrylic paint across the top of my card.

Using ye olde standard paint brush I worked the paint into a thin layer down the card.  Then I sprinkled Alazarin Crimson, Ost. Red and Scarlet Brusho's and using the brush drew the colour down over the paint.

Cool!!  I rotated the paper 180° and repeated the above steps, this time using Orange, Yellow and Lemon Brusho powders.

Looking hot!!!   Please excuse the variations in the picture colours.  Using the pearl paint makes everything pearlescent, and although it looks fabulous in the real it does present challenges for the camera LOL.  

I used a roller to apply some Bronze Aztec Metallic Lustre paint onto Carmen's Veranda Dice background stamp.  Using the stamp in my hand I randomly applied the paint to the background.

I brayered Black Acrylic paint onto Lost Coast Designs Drip background stamp and using the stamp in my hand I randomly applied lines to the background.  I added some water to Red Brusho powder and added some dramatic splats.

I hope you liked my project today.  Don't forget to hop over to the Colourcraft page for a chance at the giveaway and check out the Create with Colourcraft fb group for more fun and inspiration. 

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