Saturday 22 February 2020

An upcycled brusho bangle

I use a lot of stencil tape in my craft room and the last time that I emptied a tape roll, I wondered how I could utilise it. Voila - an idea popped into my head. A bangle using one of my fav products of the moment - brushos.

Firstly, I sprinkled some lemon, turquoise and leaf green brushos onto a large piece of tissuetex.  Tissuetex is fabulous as it is more robust so it can be torn and 'stretched' a little more easily than standard tissue paper. I spritzed some water onto the brusho powder.  This gave me the mottled effect.  In some places, I spritzed it with more water than others to give variety in the effect.

I then painted my empty tape roll with two coats of white acrylic paint - inside and out.

I tore the tissuetex into random but large pieces and I used modge podge to adhere these pieces to the painted roll.  In some parts, I taped over others to ensure that the roll was well covered and that the effect was how I wanted it. I was sure to cover it evenly and over the edges as well.

Finally, I gave a coat of modge podge all over to ensure that all pieces were well stuck and coated to seal it completely.  A bangle - ready for Spring and the fabulous colours that I wear then :)

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