Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Shrink plastic key fob with Karen

I acquired yet another set of keys recently and wanted a nice key fob for them so set about making one myself: I think many people have some shrink plastic lurking in their stash of crafting goodies and it is such a fun material. If you haven't already tried it, I urge you to get some: It can become quite addicitve when you start thinking of all the things you can make with it.

I chose a stamp that would otherwise be far too big for a key fob and stamped it on one side of some shrink plastic with permanent ink suitable for impermeable surfaces (StazOn).

On the reverse side to where I had stamped, I painted in the details with some of my finest golden brushes and my Colourcraft Acrylic paints. These are good on the plastic surface and air dry quite quickly.

This is from the stamped side before it was shrunk:

I then cut round the shape leaving a good margin and avoiding having any sharp edges. To enable a jump ring to be added afterwards, I punched a hole through before using a heat gun to heat the plastic and watch it twist and curl before magically straightening out in to its smaller size. Here is the size of the original stamp in comparison to the size after heating and shrinking!

It's important to remember that any colours will become darker and more intense as the plastic shrinks: Plan for this by keeping colours lighter than you want the finished look to be.

With the jump ring added to attach my new fob to my keyring, I am happy with the new addition. Shrink plastic can be used to make necklace pendants, charms and a whole host of other things. I hope you think to give it a try or dig it out of your stash and have some more shrink fun!

Thanks for stopping by.

ColourCraft Crystal clear shrink plastic

Monday, 20 May 2019

Alice in Wonderland inspired mixed media canvas with Ewelina

So here goes... confession time... (please, don't judge)
K was all inspired this weekend to make a little mixed media piece on canvas inspired by Alice in Wonderland... I even prepared all the elements ahead - I never do that!!! 

I sat down at my work table, set my phone on recording and started working on a project that I could so clearly see in my head... first stamps; then stencilled texture paste; splashes of Black and Red Brusho over that...

... layers or embellishment and Brusho splashes were building up and after an hour or so of work, my project was finally ready!

You can imagine my ... unimpressed exclamation when I checked the phone only to see that within minute of setting it to recording my tutorial, someone called and passed the process... 
Yes, I have on video exactly 53 seconds of my hands trying to decide which way to put the canvas on the table... 

So... yes, you've guessed it - no tutorial this week; just a project.

... story of my life ...

See you in two weeks (hopefully, with a tutorial!)

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