Friday, 18 January 2019

Winter dandelion seed heads by Rebecca Yoxall

Happy New Year!

Hope this post finds you well.  Did you get any new art materials to play with? 
Some of my students have confessed recently they have received great quality paper and new paints but are too afraid to use it in case they spoil it. Well let this year be the year that you feel free to use the best materials you can when you create. Enjoy the beautiful paper and play with the best paints/inks/brusho that you can afford. Don't keep things for 'best' or some point in the future when you think you'll be able to paint better. 
So for my blog this month I have picked a wonderful rough cotton watercolour paper, Colourcraft acrylic inks, Brusho and SprinkleIT to produce my winter dandelion seed head painting.

I drew out my design with a soft charcoal line

I then applied a wax stick all round the edges of each dandelion and for the stalks

The wax will smudge the charcoal and give a nice soft effect as well as preserve the white of the paper surface.
The wax will prevent the layers of ink from seeping into the dandelion shapes

I picked up the turquoise acrylic ink and brushed it onto the left hand side of the paper.

Whilst the ink was still wet I sprinkled in the Ultramarine Brusho and Black Brusho.

The colours blended into the ink a little so I helped them along with a dab of water on a brush

I continued this process around the whole background

I allowed areas to drip and move by tipping the paper at different angles. 

For the centres of the dandelions I applied some water and sprinkled the Dark Brown Brusho

Onto the wet centre I spinkled the wonderful SprinkleIT iridescent gold powder.

The half seed head was finished off with a bit of dark brown Brusho as well as some individual little seed stalks that I painted in with white acrylic paint.

The little seed stalks also enhance the other dandelions as well as a few floating away in the breeze which adds a whimsical feel to the piece.

The stalks were painted with more white acrylic and the lovely rich copper acrylic ink by Colourcraft.

I few white paint splatters and voila. 
Let us know what you think and if you have a go at creating your own wintery dandelion seed heads remember to treat yourself to the best materials you can afford and ENJOY!


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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Mixed Media tag by Karen

Hello all! By coincidence my tag today uses similar techniques to the Valentine heart that Sarah made here. As I've used black gesso on my project, it also shows you how fabulous the Brusho Acrylic Shimmer Sprays are on black as well as the white that Sarah used.

I started with a wooden tag (Tim Holtz etcetera) and used Soft form relief paste (now called DesignIt paste) through a stencil and added more lines and dots directly with the spatula to give the surface some texture.

Once dry, this was covered completely with black gesso and left to dry again.

The decorations were gathered together: A band of thin metal mesh, which I cut in two and then cut to get rid of the straight edges, a corrugated card heart, metal wings and some recycled corrugated card.

I splattered some gold Aztec metallic paint on to the heart and then dragged the brush across the corrugated paper so that it just hit the ridges.

The almost dry brush was then wiped over the tag so that it highlighted the texture in gold.

I then switched to the Brusho Acrlic Shimmer Sprays to add a beautiful sheen, first in gold...

and then in Copper to add warmer tones similar to the wings I planned to use.

Once these were dry, I glued on the decorations, layered for texture and depth.

I hope you like this project. If you haven't tried the shimmer sprays on black yet, I would urge you to: The effect is quite spectacular!

Thanks for passing by today
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