Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mixed Media Canvas by Susanne

Hi my dear mixed media friends!

I'm sharing an autumnal mixed media canvas with you today. I love to decorate our home fitting the season. So nothing could be better than some pumkins at the moment.
Instead of using the canvas' front I turned it around and painted the back side.

Here are the step by step instructions:

I started by drawing two pumpkins onto some left over canvas from an amazon packaging. I painted it with the ColourCraft opaque fabric paints: Lemon, Scarlet, Leaf Green and Black (for the outlines).

Finally I added some stenciling on top of each pumpkin with the metallic fabric paints: Gold and Bronze.

The canvas is prepared with a layer of modelling paste to cover the edges and staples. I applied a layer of white gesso and added some colour with watercolour wax crayons.

I used the ColourCraft Aztec Metallics (Bronze and Ant. Silver) for some shimmer.

The Brusho Acrylic Sprays are awesome to create some quick texture. I used the Charcoal together with a stencil.
Tipp: If you unscrew the sprayer you can use the paint tube to add some single colour splatters.

I added patterned paper scraps and some stamping for more texture. I also printed some stamp images onto my pumpkins.

Finally I adhered the pumpkins to the canvas and added the sentiment and some die cuts. I sprayed them with the Bronze Brusho Shimmer Spray. The bird is out of my stash. It was prepared with crackle paste, green and black acrylic paints.


Thank you for stopping by today!
Have a wonderful weekend!
xx Susanne


Stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps! and Rubber Dance
Stencils from STAMPlorations
Dies from Sizzix

Monday, 18 September 2017

Screen Printing- How to make your own screen and frame by Terri Koszler

Today I am going to continue my Screen Printing series with a tutorial showing how to make a simple frame and screen. This is a good starting point if you are not wanting to invest in a ready made kit until you are sure that Screen Printing is for you.

 (If you haven't seen my previous post which gives a brief intro intro screen printing you can see it by clicking Here.)

I start by putting together a simple frame, you can do this by using some batons and screws, however if you are not into DIY or dont have these materials you can buy a framed canvas and remove the canvas from it to leave you with an exposed frame. I haven't provided a size for the frame as this will depend on what you are wanting to print. It's always better to have a frame larger than you need in my opinion.

Next you will need to cover your frame with a screen printing mesh, this can be brought online relatively cheaply. I do know that some people who are just starting out use voile or tights to print through........

You need to staple the mesh to the frame making sure that it is taught. I staple the top first, then the bottom and then the sides. I fold my fabric a couple of time before stapling to add a bit more strength, almost like if you hemming clothing.

You should then have a sturdy frame with a taught surface like the skin of a drum.

Now onto how to create your screen.

I am making a disposable screen from a piece of Kraft card some cutting dies.  I want my screen to say; peace and joy.

 I mark my card with a pencil to allow to me align the dies.  I add stencil tape to them to keep them in place when I run it through the die cutting machine.  If you dont have a die cutting machine you could draw a pattern or sentiment to cut using a craft knife.

After all of my words were cut I placed a piece of card inside a calico stocking to stop the ink bleeding through to the back. Next I laid my screen onto the stocking and secured it with some tape. I added the centres of my letters into place using some re-positional glue. (if die cutting remember to save all the little piece that pop out of the centres of letters as you need them!)

I then placed my frame over the screen and clamped it to the table, if you dont clamp it you will need somebody to hold it for you while you pull your print.

I decided to use some metallic copper screen printing ink for a modern look, you will need a squeegee of some sort that fits your frame, you could use a plastic ruler (just make sure it's clean and hasn't got any ragged edges as you dont want to damage your screen or fabric)

You need to hold the squeegee/ruler at a 45 degree angle and pull toward you in a smooth motion, lifting at the end to remove the excess paint which can be out back into the pot. (I have rotated the picture so it's easier to see the pattern and clamps, I had the ink at the the top and pulled to the bottom)  

I decided to add some extra detail to my stocking using a stencil and some black fabric paint.

I love the clean modern look.

I then used a paint brush to add some more details.

Here is the stocking in all it's glory hanging in my fireplace.

I hope you have found this tutorial informative and that you give it a try. If you do please share your results with us at Colourcraft by adding the hastag  #colourcraftltd to any pictures on social media.

Take care Terri

Friday, 15 September 2017

Seahorse using Aquawax, Brusho acrylic mist spray and Tyvek paper for 3D embellishments by Rebecca Yoxall

Hey Guys,
How you doing?

I'd like to share a little mixed media painting I have created using some fantastic Colourcraft products. Brusho acrylic sprays and shimmer mists, aquawax, fabric paint and I had great fun creating a 3 dimensional fin using Tyvek paper. It's the first time I have used Tyvek paper and I'm excited to experiment with it.

I began by painting a seahorse with aquawax on watercolour paper to create a resist shape. The wax coats the paper surface and will resist any colours/paint/water that are applied on top.  I used a fair amount and spread it around in a swirly pattern to create lots of movement and added a few blobs randomly that will become bubbles in the background. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Once dry I chose sea green and violet Brusho Acrylic mist spray and Brusho Acrylic shimmer spray in turquoise and silver and gently sprayed the whole paper. Tip the paper around to get an even spread and a little spray of water will diffuse the colours together. You can see how beautifully the aquawax works in repelling the colour.

When I was happy with the shades, I dabbed any excess away from the seahorse with kitchen roll to leave a clear clean shape. 

I then tinted the seahorse with copper fabric paint and let dry. The fabric paint sits more strongly over the top of the mist and shimmer sprays so I only needed a thin coasting smoothed with a soft brush.

I really enjoy working with pens, drawing details and enhancing shapes so I decided to get decorative with a black permanent pen. I drew in the eye and outlined the whole shape of the seahorse as well as some of the bubbles.

The next stage involves cutting a piece of  Tyvek paper double the size of the fin and cut small snips in the edge to create frills.  I sprayed the Tyvek with the same colours from the background then applied heat to shrink and crinkle the paper. You can use a heat gun or a hot hairdryer will do. I then moulded it to shape.

Using the fabric paint in gold copper and pink I painted further blends onto the fin to get the effect I wanted. The fabric paints are so versatile and have a great finish on the Tyvek paper. 

Here are front and back views of the fin shape so that you can see how the Tyvek paper crinkles. 

I glued this into place and painted more of the fabric colours in small strokes around the join and onto the seahorse body to unify everything together.

I absolutely love this 3D element to my work and I think this design would look great on fabric too with stitched layers and beads to further progress the theme.

I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did creating it. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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