Wednesday 19 February 2020

Be Kind Canvas with Suzi

Good Day All, Today it's my turn to share with you my latest creation using some goodies from the ColourCraft store.  This time I decided to try the Acrylic Wax along with some Brusho Crystal Colour Powders and a Koh-I-Noor Progresso Aquarelle Pencil.

I have to admit when I started working on this project I was a little sad, another person had taken their own life; there seems to be lots of suicides at the moment in all walks of life and it's sad.  The world can seem to be a very dark and unfriendly place, and a lot of social media platforms seem to be adding to this problem.  We may feel as individuals that we can not do much to change the world, but we can, we just have to BE KIND, to ourselves, our friends and families and to complete strangers.  If we just treat people the way we want to be treated then the world can become a happier place for all.

So I decided that the main focal point of this project would be the phrase BE KIND.

I used the Acrylic Wax to write my sentiment onto some white paper, along with a couple of hearts, and some random shapes and marks on a couple of other pieces of paper. I then took Alizarin Crimson and Gamboge Brusho Crystal Colour Powders, sprinkled them onto my paper and activated with water, once dry I added more Acrylic Wax followed by some Sea Green Brusho Crystal Colour Powders.

I cut my sentiment and hearts out and layered onto to gloss black card, I then took a Koh-I-Noor Progresso Aquarelle Pencil and added more detail.  Instead of activating with water I used Matte Medium.

Here's the other papers I created.

I then took a 9 x 11 canvas and collage my patterened papers and some black gloss card stock.

I added Doodles to my collaged canvas with the Koh-I-Noor Progesso Aquarelle Pencil activated with the matte medium.

Before adding my sentiment and the second heart to my canvas I added a little white gesso where I planned to add my sentiment, so as to give a little more contrast.

Here's the finished project, along with a close up to show the shine from the Acrylic Wax.

I'm fairly pleased with how my finished canvas turned out.  There is probably more black in the background than I would usually use, but i like how that contrasts with my patterned papers.  To me it represents the darkness in the world, but peeking through the darkness are patches of brightness, rays of hope.  The Acrylic Wax is a lovely product to work with you get quite a subtle resist depending on how much you apply, and you can add layers of colour between layers of waxes to build up quite strong colours and patterns.  

I really hope my project inspires you to create your own art showcasing kindness and the good things in the world.  Thank you for visiting with us today, 
Bye for Now

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