Monday 29 April 2019

Mermazing Shimmer with Aztec Paints

Hello Colourcraft friends.  Gail here today with a shimmery mermaid.

I thought the Aztec paints would make wonderful fish scale effects.  

I started by stamping Prima Mermaid on a large piece of white card and colouring her skin and tail with a thin coat of Green Aztec Metallic Luster Paint.

Then I used gold for her bikini top and headband and yellow for her hair.  I added a couple more layers of green to her tail to intensify the colour and then used a small brush and blue Aztec paint to make the scale effect.  I also added a thin layer of the blue over the end of the tail.  

I used Sea Green Brusho powder in water and gave the background a rough water colour wash.  Let it dry.

Then I used Ultra Marine Brusho powder in water and completed my background wash.  I like that the Brusho's layer rather than blend, as long as you let them dry and don't work them too much.

To finish I added some Turquoise Brusho sprinkles, some subtle stamping and a sentiment from Unity Stamps.  

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you have a mermazing day.  Hugz

Saturday 27 April 2019

Faux Tile with Brushos

Spring is blooming and we are cleaning and redecorating our kitchen! We saw some cool prints somewhere that looked like tiles, and I thought "hey! I can make my own". A little Brushos, watercolor paper and a hand made stencil and here it is!

The process is pretty simple. First I cut a square of freezer paper and folded it into quarters. I then drew a design, cut it out and then ironed it (shiny side down)onto a square piece of watercolor paper. I also taped around the edges.
You can see the pencil lines of the design I drew in the upper left hand corner of the picture. 
I then chose three different blue Brusho powders and sprinkled them liberally on my picture.
Then just add water! I like using a small spray bottle for this as you get a nice mist.
Let the entire piece dry thoroughly and then remove the tape and freezer paper.
My freezer paper wasn't ironed completely flat over the entire piece, so some of the color ran under some of the mask- but I really like the final effect! 
I hope you enjoyed this project!
See you next time!

Friday 26 April 2019

Guest Spot Galaxy Mixed Media Card

Hello all

I am guest designer today and i am going to show you how to make a space themed card.

Start off by mixing a bit of Black Brusho Powder in with water. Then take a makeup sponge and dab it onto a card blank. Leave white spaces so that you can add other colours later.

Next take Turquoise, Purple and Crimson Red Brusho powders and sprinkle them on. wet with water so they spread out. Dry off with a heat gun on a low setting so you don't blow the ink off the card.

i discovered that the SprinkleIt powders create this milky way sort of effect when sprinkled onto a dark background so sprinkle away until you have this dense night sky look. Add it while the ink is wet so it stays put. You can get this fabulous stuff here  and the brusho powders are here.

Next add a stencil over the card.
I used a tiny splatter one but it started to come out chunky so i then took a paint brush and flicked on some white paint. mix the paint with water to get a fine spray.

Lastly i coloured in the stamps with markers and glued them onto the card along with a sentiment.

Thank you for visiting

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Notebook cover by Karen

It's not possible to have too many notebooks, is it? I have lots in use and also a few plain kraft covered ones that are begging to be covered so today's project is one of those. I gathered a notebook and some watercolour paper, cutting one piece to slightly smaller than the notebook.

The first step was to stamp all over the cover paper with gold paint which I also applied to the edges. I find gold always blends in beautifully with kraft paper.

This dried almost immediately so I then spritzed the paper with water and sprinkled some Sea Green and Turquoise Brusho powders over in a fairly random fashion making sure I also kept some white space. I also covered another scrap of paper in Turquoise Brusho powder and another piece in gold paint ready to create a title for my book.

Once dry, I diecut the 'notes' letters from the blue card and mounted it on the gold.
I then used the same technique I used on my cards < here > to mix Brushos and glue to create some textured dots. However, once dried I realised these looked a bit lost on their own.

Soft relief paste (now called Design-It paste) to the rescue! I used Shimmering Aquamarine through a stencil to add more relief and pull everything together. I am now happy to have another notebook ready to use!

Are you a notebook fan? I think its nicer to have them decorated yourself, that you can be proud of everytime you pick it up. I hope you agree and feel inspired to decorate your own.
Thanks for stopping by today.

Monday 22 April 2019

Grungy Gift Bags with Ewelina

For me, May is a month full of birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations which require me to share at least small gift with the jubilant.

Rather than spending a small fortune on tens of gift bags, I went for the crafter's option: 
make your own - it won't be cheaper but it will be a one-off no-one else will have.

The base for my gift bags are plain craft paper ones + Brusho powders and... off I went on a crafty adventure!

I sprinkled a little bit of Leaf Green Brusho on my table and sprayed it with a very small amount of water - just to get the pigment to work. 
I then dabbed the bags straight into the colourful puddle one by one.
I made sure that the paint was completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Then the same with Azarin Crimson, Gamboge and Burnt Sienna - drying with a heathen in between the colours.

Here's what the bags look like with all the colours layered over one another,

Next step was to add random stamping - majority of them are Aall and Create.

I also had some very grungy-looking washi tape which was perfect for this project (and the colours work so well!)

With a variety of ephemera, I built paper clusters.
To make them look more 'used', I distressed edges of some of them.

Once everything was ready, the clusters were glued onto the bags.

To add finishing touches, I sprinkled some crimson and Green Brusho over the bags and added metal rivets here and there.

So here they are - my grungy gift bags to make my May-born friends feel super-special.

See you next time!

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Brusho Portrait with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you my latest creation using the Brusho Crystal Colour Powders.  I decided to be brave and try creating a Portrait with Brushos.  Here's how my experiment went.

First of all I did a sketch in pencil;

I then added my first layer of colour using Sea Green Brushos;

For my second layer of colour I chose Rose Red Brushos;

I then added another layer of Sea Green Brushos;

For the final layer I chose Prussian Blue Brushos;

I decided to add some stamping to the bottom of the page to give the impression of a flower edged top.  I also decided to add some highlights with a white paint pen.  Here's the finished painting;

Here's a close up;

I'm really pleased with how this turned out, there are a few things I would like to change, for example the neck is too wide, and the left eyebrow is a little heavy, but overall I'm pretty pleased.  I have to admit that half way through it I was really unsure as to how it was going to turn out, Watercolours can be quite scary, but it was great fun, and I'm glad I didn't give up half way through and bin it.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how this portrait came together, and I hope you'll have a go yourself.  If you do, make sure you tag ColourCraft on Social Media so we can see what you created.

That's all from me for now
Bye for now
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