Saturday 8 February 2020

A cheery touch of Spring

A fun and cheery card using a technique that you could easily use in a journal or on a canvas. The background has depth and texture.

Firstly I took a piece of 300gsm cardstock and sprayed it generously with Spray Starch.  I then sprinkled a few grains of lemon and orange brushos over the starch and card. When I open a new pot of brushos I poke a small hole in the top and keep a pushpin in it.  In this way, only a few grains of brusho powder (which is all that is needed) come out at a time.

I took a piece of clingfilm and scrunched it up and placed it over the damp brusho and starch mixture.    It is important to ensure that the clingfilm and the wrinkles within it are pressed down firmly as this is what will create the texture in the finished piece.

Leave it to dry for around 30 mins.

Remove the clingfilm and note the texture created.  I also created a couple of samples using turquoise and yellow brusho powder.  I often create several samples at once, given the time they take to dry.

I then took a stencil and some eco acrylic paint in yellow deep hue and, using a sponge, dabbed it through the flower stencil.  It is important not to use too much paint otherwise it will bleed through the stencil and create splodges.

Using a fan brush, I then created black splatters over the card. When splattering, I mix water with the paint to give a smooth flowing mixture.

I used the word create because I often think of Spring time as a time for new creations and a time to birth new ideas.

Happy days!

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