Friday 31 January 2020

Heart and Soul by Teresa

Today I have a pretty Valentine card, clean and simple but with a little texture and shimmer:

I began by die cutting the Khadi cotton rag paper into several sizes of hearts.

Next I gave them a coat of eco-acrylic paint, using Titanium White, Magenta and Crimson:

Once dry, it was tome to add some shimmer using Silver Acrylic Shimmer Spray:

I layered the hearts using glue:

Then assembled my finished card:

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Painted Tyvek Journal Cover by Karen

I have a number of kraft notebooks and I wanted to decorate one for a travel trip but felt the cover was a bit thin to take much multi-media treatment. Tyvek on the other hand is virtually indestructible unless subject to heat so I cut a piece of Tyvek larger than my cover and set about decorating that.

I had a piece of ribbon that I wanted to use as a closure so that guided my paint colour choices: Turquoise, Magenta, Phthalo Green and Yellow Eco Acrylic Paints plus Copper Eco Aztec Metallic Paint.

Using a paint knife, I dabbed on each colour in turn and then used a brayer to spread out each colour fairly randomly. It is important to leave plenty of the layer below visible to have lots of depth and the different colours visible at the end. When applied in thin layers the paints are semi-translucent so layering them also creates different tones than just the colours applied. No need to worry about creases in the Tyvek, I even created some of my own when brayering over it. They disappear when it is glued down and smoothed out.
 The four Eco Acrylic Paints I applied with this method resulted in this effect:

And then adding the Copper Aztec Metallic Paint added more depth and a fabulous metallic sheen:

Copper Design-It paste was added through a stencil and left to dry. This gave lots of 3D texture as well as more metallic sheen. (Sorry for the long shadows: Some late afternoon sun after a rainy day!)

Once the paste was dry I glued the Tyvek on to the notebook with Flexiglue spread out thinly with a paint knife, starting with the outside cover and then cutting the corners at an angle and turning and gluing the edges. However, I did not glue about a centimeter along the spine to allow the Tyvek to flex as the book was opened and closed: This might have been unnecessary caution as the Tyvek seems very flexible but better safe than sorry!

I also used Flexiglue to adhere the ribbon.

I covered the inner covers with printed paper to hide the edges of the Tyvek.

Finally I stamped the word 'jounal' on to the cover with Stazon permanent ink and then doodled a bit with some black and white markers. I didn't want to add any embellishments that might rip off when this is being used and being slid in and out of a bag but I know the Tyvek is going to offer good protection. I love the colours, the linen-like look of the Tyvek's texture and the fabulous copper paste!

Thank for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed today's project.
Karen (a proud journal owner)

Materials:  Flexiglue

Monday 27 January 2020

Mixed media recycling project with Brusho

Hi everyone! 
Today, I have for you a little recycling project. You know when you have a sheet of keyboard and you pop out all the elements... you are left with something that you'd normally put in the bin, right? Well... I decided to play and utilise mine as a base for mixed media projects that can be used as... an unusual card (rather than a traditional paper one) or cool piece of home decor.

Here's how I made it:

Start by preparing the sheet - I used ivory matte chalk paint.

Choose Brusho powder which will be the colour of your project - I went for Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Copper SprinkleIt to make it look a little bit rusty. Mist it with water as much as you wish creating lovely puddles of colours on the base. 

The awesome thing about using the 'negatives' is that you can leave them as they are with the holes or back them with paper of your choice adding to it another texture or design. Here I backed it with paper with vintage registration plates.

Using a puddle of Burnt Sienna, I stamped out coffee stains and fussy cut them to use as embellishments later on. (the stamp is from Crafty Too Designs)

I covered floral greyboard elements (from Lisa Horton Crafts) with Copper SprinkleIt - this made them look rusty and shiny at the same time.

For a feminine touch, I added a lacy ribbon with a big bow - I build the layers of embellishments around it. You can see it in the close-ups below:

Now, the project is finished, all I need to figure it is which wall in the house it will live on.

See you next time!

Saturday 25 January 2020

Gelli Print flowers with Love

I have made this little card with some gel plate pages and die cuts.

Firstly, I  placed a few blobs of magenta eco-acrylic onto the gelli plate brayered it over the whole plate to ensure and even coverage.  I then laid a stencil over it.  I chose a stencil with an overall pattern with hearts and flowers on it.

I used a piece of copy paper to pull my print.  I used copy paper instead of my usual thicker card because I didn't want the final flowers to be delicate.

I repeated the process several times with varying shades of magenta and white (which I mixed together) until I had a selection of prints.  For some prints, I used the 'negative' and for others I used the 'positive' part of the print.

I then selected a fabulous flower die and die cut several 'layers' of petals from the different prints.

I layered them on top of each other and poked a hole through the middle and secured the flowers with a brad.  For one of the flowers, I used glue and sprinkled a number of beads in the centre.

I created a double frame for mounting using co-ordinating coloured card.

Finally, I added a Happy Birthday sentiment stamp onto one of the pieces of gelli printed paper.  Simple, feminine and an easy card.

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