Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Colouring landscape sketches with Brusho Crystal colours by Karen

When I'm on holiday I like to take a few minutes to sketch the stunning landscapes where I can. This view, from the bridge over the ravine in Ronda, Southern Spain, was sketched on the smooth side of A6 watercolour paper. I buy, or cut down larger sheets, this size so they are easy to carry with some sketching pencils ready for when I get a few moments to sketch a view.

However there is rarely time to add colour there and then, so I take a quick photo to add colour to the sketch later.

To colour my sketch I gathered the Brusho colours which reflected this Mediterranean region of dry mountains and olive groves and built up layers of different colour groups. I should say I am not art-trained: For me, this is about relaxing and playing with colour, bringing back memories of a wonderful view, rather than being technical in any way! Nonetheless, I did video my process for you:

I started with the warm colours:
Then the blue and green tones, using different size brushes with washes and stabbing techniques of stronger colours.

I kept adding details or washes of colours until I was happy with the result: This will be added to my scrapbooking as a happy memory of the trip with further happy memories of relaxing and creating my little view of the world.
Do you take time to sketch the world around you? I find it so relaxing when I can.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Printing on Canvas Shopper Bag with Ewelina

Hey everyone! The heat-wave continues and my crafting mojo has most probably left to the beach as I haven't made it into my studio for at least a week now... it's simply too hot.

But heat or not, life goes on and I do need to crack on with my life, part of which is going shopping - I hate it with a passion!!! Since I am not a fan of purchasing my groceries online, I have to make the dreaded trip to a supermarket every week to stock up on the basics. To make it slightly more pleasant, I take my own colourful bags with me - it also means that I am more environmentally friendly by not buying any of the plastic carriers that supermarkets offer.

Amongst my stash of Canvas Corp black canvas goodies, I found this Canvas Shopper Bag
which was perfect for both - adding some funky colours to it and using for carrying  my fresh veggies from the market.

All I needed to make the first part happen was some Metallic Fabric Paints and a couple of large stencils (I opted for mandala designs as they are pretty in at the moment and look cool with ombre colouring).

To make sure the stencil stayed in place, I used large paper clips to pin it down.

After deciding on the colours I wanted to use (pink, purple, green and blue), I grabbed a sponge dauber and started playing.

Changing the colours as I went, I made sure to use a clean part of the sponge for each new colour to minimise the contamination and keep the colours vibrant.

Then the second mandala - I used the same colours but in different order.

And the third one - again, same colours but different order.

Once my mandalas were all stencilled on and dried, I decided to add a bit more detail using a different stencil and Metallic Gold Fabric Paint. To make it look like it was part of the original design, I overlaid it slightly with the original pattern.

As you can see, the two stencils worked pretty well together.

Now my shopper bag is ready for being filled with some market goodies... but I think I'll wait for the weather to cool down a bit before I brave a visit to the local market.

See you next time!

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Feathers and Fibres

Hello Everyone,

Sarah here with you today on the blog, I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.

I have a rather large wooden tag to share with you all today that feathers a lovely laser cut peacock feather.

Step 1.
Apply a layer of white gesso to tag and feather and dry.


Step 2.
Take a stencil and apply a layer of white soft form relief paste and dry

Step 3 
Spray tag with water and apply yellow brusho, dab off excess with a paper towel and dry.

Step 4
Using archival ink in the colour potting soil I stamped over the top of the tag and dried

Step 5
I wanted to knock back the colour of the yellow tag and brown stamping so slightly diluted some white gesso and painted over top and dried.

Step 6 
I took some clean water and added some pearl SprinkleIT to it, then splashed over the top of the tag and dried.

Step 7
I had a small amount of textured kozo paper left over so I added this on top of the tag so that I could use this as a base for my feather.

Step 8
Using Bruso Acrylic sprays in Violet, Turquoise and Sea green, I sprayed these onto the feather 3 times, drying in between layers

I hope you enjoyed today's project, it was a lot of fun creating it for you all 

Take care and have a fabulous week

Sarah x

Friday, 13 July 2018

Birthday Card - Tutorial by Susanne

Hi my dear crafty friends!

I have a birthday card to share with you today. I used a mixture of the ColourCraft Relief Paste and the Pearl Powder Pigments to create a lovely doily texture on the background.

I used stamps from My Favourite Things and a word thinlit from Tim Holtz to embellish the card.

Here are the step by step instructions:

Mix some of the Pearl Powder Pigments with the 
Transparent Soft Form Relief Paste

 Grab a stencil of your choice (this one is from Americana)
and use a palette knife to apply the paste to your card front

Let it dry. It will get a wonderful shimmer
Use different Brushos, wet your paper 
and colour the background

Finally put on some embellishments
and a greeting!

I hope you like my card! You can create so many different styles with this simple technique.
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!
xx Susanne


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