Monday, 22 October 2018

Quick Halloween Pumpkins with Ewelina

Hey everyone!
Are you Halloween ready?
I certainly am not and last weekend was for catching up on some holiday decor.
I went to a local Pick Your Own Farm and gathered some small-ish pumpkins.
And, since I no longer had an excuse, it was time to do some crafty decorating...

I started by painting all my pumpkins with white gesso and letting it completely dry.
This was the base for my Brusho fun.

First pumpkin was sprinkled with Copper SprinkleIt and Burnt Sienna Brusho. 
I was misting the top with water and adding the pigments as I went until I achieved the look I wanted.

The next one was Crimson and Brilliant Red plus Pearl SprinkleIt.

Here you can see Leaf Green and Sandstone plus Iridescent Goes SprinkleIt.

And finally Terracotta and Yellow Ochre plus Iridescent Flash SprinkleIt.

That's it! The pumpkins are ready - make sure you let the paint dry thoroughly before handling them otherwise you'll end up smudging the drips as well as dyeing your hands.

After admiring the finished pumpkins for a moment, I decided to add some flowers and chipboard spiders to one of them and give it to a friend of mine to put on her doorstep - she loved it!

Happy Halloween!!!

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Rock Pool Art Plaque with Katie Lamb

Hi all

I am guest designer for ColourCraft this week and I have a mixed media plaque to share. I wanted to go with a rock pool look so i kept the focus around the edges of the project so it looked like it was clinging to a rock.

I used 

Art Balls
Resin shapes
Crackle Paste
Silicone Moulds
MDF Plaque 
Seed Beads

Start off by covering the plaque with crackle paste and leaving it to set.
Then paint over with blue paint and let that dry before adding a light layer of  Metallic Luster.

Glue net to the base, i used fruit packaging as it happened to be the right colour!!.
I used paper clay with a mould to create the sea urchin and shells, which i then painted with Eco paint and then dry brushed on a layer of the metallic paint. I placed everything into position first before gluing it down so once i was happy with it i added the moss and then glued down the chunky bits.

I then added the smaller bits like beads and art balls around the focal points. The last layer is a sprinkle of micro beads and art sand. 

Thank you for visiting

Friday, 19 October 2018

Mixed Media Tag by Susanne

Hi there!

I'm sharing a mixed media tag today.

After adhering different ephemera pieces with Gel Medium I covered the whole tag with a thin layer of Gesso.  I used stamps from Rubber Dance and Viva Las VegaStamps to create the background. I used Brushos on a palette to colour the tag.

For the texture I used a piece of gauze, micro beads and ColourCraft Glitter. My main image is the lovely Merry Magpie stamp from Rubber Dance. Finally I added some Aztec Metallic Gold paint here and there to finish it up.

Thank you for stopping by today!
I wish you a nice and crafty weekend!
xx Susanne.


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

A Wise Owl Card with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you a wintery card I've created using Brusho Crystal Colour Powders, Aztec Metallic and Lustre Paints, along with SprinkleIt Powders and Gloss Gel Medium.

For this card I tried a technique I'd seen on TV the other week.  Here's what I did;
I took a stamp, added it to an acrylic block then inked the stamp with clear embossing ink.  I sprinkled Brusho Crystal Colour Powders in Prussian Blue, Ultramarine and OST Blue onto some Deli Paper and then pressed my stamp into it numerous times until the stamp was covered with the powders.

I then spritzed the stamp with water and stamped the image onto some watercolour paper. Once dry I inked my stamp with permanent ink and stamped over the image to add a little more detail.  I did several variations of this until I had an image I liked.  I also spritzed the stamped image on some of them to activate the colour again.

My next step was to star working on my background elements.  I decided to use a piece of blue vellum onto which I'd stencil snowflakes with a paste I'd created with Pearl SprinkleIt Powder and Gloss Gel Medium

Once dried I trimmed my vellum down to the size I wanted, and added some permanent ink to the edges and over some of the snowflakes to add a little contrast and highlight there texture.

I then took a 6 x 6 inch card blank and brayered on some Silver Aztec Metallic Paint, and Aquamarine Aztec Eco Lustre Paint.  Once dry I watered down a little of the Aquamarine paint to create some splatters.

For my final background layer I took a piece of paper I'd mopped up excess Brusho Crystal Colour Powders with trimmed it down to size and stamped on a sentiment in permanent ink.  I edged the paper in permanent ink and added some splatters of the Aquamarine paint.

I then layered my image onto the vellum with a piece of cheesecloth in between for added texture.

I then added all my layers to my card base.  To finish my card I added a wash of the Aquamarine Paint to the background of the stamped image, and added some detail to the owl with Blue and White Pens.

Here's a close up of the finished image;
I love the combination of different textures and sparkle on this card.  It has a wonderful wintery feel to it.  The stamping technique was great fun, and I'm sure I'll try it again, possibly using a less detail stamp.

I hope I've inspired you to have a play with you Brusho Crystal Colour Powders, SprinkleIt Powders and the gorgeous Metallic and Lustre Paints.

That's all from me for today
Bye for now

Friday, 12 October 2018

Mug Rug with Fabric Transfer and Brushos

Leaves are turning, there is a chill in the air, what can be better than a nice warm beverage and a sweet treat?
Today I'm going to show you how to make a cute little mug rug using  image transfer as well as Brushos with fabric medium,  all on fabric which I had dyed with shibori techniques earlier this year!

First I started with some fabric which I had dyed earlier- if you want to know how, just check out this blog entry : Shibori Dying techniques.

I found a copywrite free image of a maple leaf and printed it out on my laser printer. Your image will be the REVERSE of your picture, so bear that in mind if you use text.
I cut out my leaf around the outline, covered it with a decent layer of image transfer medium, and put it face down onto my fabric.
I left this to try overnight. The next day I sprayed the back of the leaf with water and gently scraped away the paper with my fingernail. Basically you want to scrape away the paper but NOT the image!Gently! Spray more water if it starts to dry out.
Let your image dry. It should look something like this…
If you like this look- you can leave it! I would paint over the image with fabric medium, let it dry and sew up into your mug rug! 
I wanted to add some of the beautiful Autumn colors that I'm seeing! So I painted my leaf with fabric medium and sprinkled a few shades of Brushos on it. 
I sprayed with water to activate the Brushos and get beautiful colors and blending!

When my leaf was dry, I coated it with another layer of fabric medium. I then cut out my leaf and appliqued it onto another piece of hand dyed fabric, added batting and backing and quilted it!

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out! 
Have fun and see you next time!

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

A frosty morn winter card by Karen

Here in NW France, we are having fabulously sunny days which also means clear nights and cold mornings. This card was inspired by the sun coming up on a clear morning when you get that hint of pink in the sky. The snow was just imagination, or wishful thinking, though as it is extrememly rare that we ever get any!

I started by sprinkling Cobalt, Violet and Vermillion Brusho colours on to heavy weight watercolour paper and spraying them with water, adding more colour, more water and tipping the paper towards the top and bottom, letting the colours run in to each other.

Once I had the look I was trying to create I left it to dry while preparing my snowy scene.

I die cut a row of houses from the same paper and used the back of the left over piece as a stencil to add glossy white soft relief paste to the bottom of the card. I also added the paste to the row of houses. I gave these a heavy sprinkling of Sprinkle-It in Irridescent Flash for sparkly snow.

Once these were dry I used silver mirror card to back the house windows, to layer the scene and for a die-cut sentiment. I hope you can see the sparkle that the Sprinkle-It gives: It is a beautiful effect and the paste holds it so that it doesn't fall off like glitter. Many people have lots of cards to make this time of the year so I hope this has given you an idea of one style you could use. You could even set up a little production line!

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