Monday 10 February 2020

My birdhouse is cooler than yours!

It's been very cold and windy and rainy in her for the past week or so. And since it doesn't seem like I will be getting any snow this year ... I miss it so much! Like, proper snow... 20cm deep, fluffy, white heaven... that kind of thing... anyway... where was i? yes, so since it seems like I can only dream about the wite fluffy stuff, I am looking forward to spring. And with spring come birds and baby birds... and baby birds need homes.

 Do you see my logic? 
Birdhouse was the logical (...ish) next project on my list...

I didn't paint it with any base because I wanted the paint to soak into the wood and for the natural wooden pattern to be visible. Eco Acrylic paints are perfect for that!

I painted the whole birdhouse using two colours - Viridian and Turquoise.
I did two layers just to make sure the colour is vibrant despite having been soaked in by the unprimed wood.

Now to the fun part!
I mixed white with a bit of black paint to create very light grey and stamped the Peace Sign ArtFoamies all over (apart from the front). This is my first layer.

The second layer was alse created by using ArtFoamies - this time I opted for Magenta and Purple Eco Acrylics and Stars Foamies.

I made sure that I left the paint to dry thoroughly and sprayed it with varnish to prep for the weather conditions once the birdhouse is nailed to the tree in my garden.

And... yeah, my birdhouse is sure much cooler than yours! hahaha

Have a great week!

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