Wednesday 31 January 2018

Videotutorial - easy mixed media card with Brusho


are you scared of mixed media? Yes? I am going to show you how easily you can create mixed media card with just some basic supplies. I will play with awesome Soft Form paste and Brusho. Mixed media can be easy and even fast. Do not be worry anymore and watch my video.

Have a nice day
Kate Dachovska

Monday 29 January 2018

I heart my canvas - printing with Ewelina

Welcome to my bi-weekly crafty instalment!

Last time, I made some easy peasy Valentine's Day cards and I thought that a follow up with a bit of decor and gift bag would be a good idea. I opted for something more rustic than usual (why not?!) and used a wooden heart shape to print on a plain canvas sack and a set of a canvas round coasters.

Not too bad, right?

Canvas Coasters

I started with a set of plain canvas coasters, two heart shaped wooden shapes and two Opaque Fabric paints - Magenta and Scarlet.

The process is very easy and quick - cover your 'stamp' with the paint and...

... stamp!

First is the heart in Magenta.

Then the same with the Scarlet paint.

And here are your coasters - make sure you let the paint air-dry or use your heat gun (you know which on I did!).

Canvas Gift Sack

The base of this gift sack is a very uninteresting plain canvas sack. What makes it awesome is that it's exactly what it says on the label - plain canvas - which means that you can do with it as you wish and embellish it in any way you want! So whatever the occasion - this plain sack is your saviour!

As with the coasters, I coated the 'stamp' with Scarlet paint and stamped all over the bag and heat-gun dried it before proceeding with the next colour.

The second layer of hearts was in Magenta - some of the hearts overlap, some don't; don't worry about it as this is exactly what handmade gifts are about. Embrace the imperfections!!!

The finished and filled sack full of goodies is a yummy surprise for its new owner.

Here is the finished set.

Have a great Valentine's Day!!!

Saturday 27 January 2018

Industrial Valentine Tag by Sarah Allan

Hi Everyone!

I have a fun industrial themed Valentine tag to share with you today using the Tando Creative Industrial Wings kit by Andy Skinner.

Step one was to pop out all the various chipboard elements of the kit and glue all the small circles onto the outer edges of the "wings"

Step two... I applied a layer of white gesso to all the pieces of chipboard.

Step three... i used Brusho acrylic spray mists in turquoise and charcoal and sprayed the wings, then dried with the heat tool and set aside

Step 4 - the tag

I painted the whole tag with Aztec Bronze Metallic Paint and dried with my heat tool.

I then took a small blob of white gesso and added a good sprinkling of Grey Brusho crystal colours and mixed them together to give me grey paint and dry brushed this on top of the layer of bronze paint and dried.

Once dried another coat of Bronze metallic paint was added and dried to give a rusty effect, whilst drying i allowed the paint to bubble to give extra texture to the tag

Step 5 ... painting the heart, the same technique was used for the tag, I mixed brilliant red brusho crystal colours with gesso and painted the surface of the heart, and whilst still wet added another sprinkle of brusho on top..and allowed to dry.

Step 6.. start to assemble the project.. by gluing all the layers together

I added a crystal to the centre and painted with turquoise acrylic spray mist

I finished off the bottom of the tag by wrapping dark cord and copper wire around

I hope you enjoyed todays project as much as I did making it 

See you all soon with more projects in February

Sarah x

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Love Is In The Air Mixed Media ATC Set By Katie Lamb

Hi all

Today i have a set of Artist trading cards to share using Brusho Powders.

I started off by coating the ATC blanks with white gesso. I then mixed the Brusho Crystal Powders in water and painted them on with a paint brush. I added more water to spread the colour a bit more.

For this one i used a watercolour effect and then i used a texture stamp on the background. The hearts are created by painting Rose Red Brusho Powder onto white card, allowing it to dry and then using die cuts to cut out the hearts.

I  used the Brusho Crystal powders like a water colour paint and painted a section of the card. I then used texture stamps on the background and then added the die cut hearts.

I painted a layer of crackle paint onto the base and then soaked it with Brusho Crystal Powders. I then stamped texture stamps onto the base and added the hearts and small words. I used a strong adhesive to add micr beads around the larger heart and edges.

Thank you for visiting.
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