Friday 7 February 2020

Puffin Just Chillin'

Is it Spring yet?
I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to not feeling I'm huddled up bracing myself against a cold wind. I've enjoyed some sunshine in the last couple of days and this inspired me to create a sparkling (if cold) sea around this puffin perched on a rock.

Spending the autumn and winter in the open ocean of the cold northern seas, the Atlantic puffin returns to our UK coastal areas at the start of the breeding season in late spring. They can, therefore, be seen as a definite sign of Spring.

I created my puffin using bondaweb backed black, white and orange fabrics with a low volume print. To set the scene I added some brown print applique. I then put the fabric background in an embroidery hoop and used a couple of variegated threads. 

Using Gutermann Sulky colour 4071 I covered most of the background behind the puffin on the rock. I also used the stitches to secure some small pieces of turquoise net, metallic silver, and white sheer fabrics. I added brown variegated thread colour 4011 to the main rock.

I felt it was a little bland/lacked dimension so I sprayed on a little Brusho Shimmer Sprays in 3 colours: 
turquoise, gold and silver pearl.

To further lift the puffin I added some black free machine embroidery to create an eye and beak detail. If you'd like to know more about using free machine stitching then have a peek at my Helen Moyes Designs website where until 17th February you can enter a giveaway for stitch goodies.

To further lift the background, I used some flexi glue in thin lines, allowed it to dry a little then used transfoil metallic foils, again in 3 colours: Horizon Blue in front of the sea, Pewter on rock and Rainbow in the upper paler sea/sky

A mount really sets this fabric piece off, I don't think this picture really shows the details as I'm using artificial light. I will try to get a better photo in daylight and post on Instagram

What indicates Spring has arrived for you? Please share in the comments below

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