Saturday 10 November 2018

Multi- color Linoleum Block Printing

A couple of months ago I did a blog talking about Up-cycling with Linoleum printing- I thought it would be fun to show you how to advance on those techniques and do an easy multi-colored printing technique. Click on the link above for basic linoleum carving and printing techniques because I'm going to dive right in!

I started off by cutting out three blocks of the same size from soft cut lino. I designed a background which reminds me of grasses, and a basic body shape, and then details for on the body. One way to make sure your blocks align is to carve out, for example, the basic body shape first, print and photocopy it, and then iron it onto the next block so you see where the outlines are. Remember that your blocks will print in reverse! That ends up working out if you use the method for transfer that I describe, but if you use another method you need to take that into consideration.
Anyway, here is a photo of my three blocks that I printed in black on plain paper.

I mixed a bit of olive green and white Opaque Fabric Paint  and rolled it onto my block and printed onto some different fabrics.

After these have dried, I rolled turquoise onto my second block and printed on top. I could see where to line up the bottoms and sides of the blocks.

I could have cleaned up the lines in the background a bit more before printing but I really like the effect.
After these had dried, I rolled up a blend of navy blue and black onto my third block and printed that on top.

I really love the effect of multiple prints and colors! If you want to be more "exact" you can lightly draw registration marks in two opposite corners to make it easier to line up your blocks, but I actually really like the effect of being slightly "off" when printing. It gives it a lovely handmade feel. Don't forget to heat set your fabrics after everything is dry!
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Most of my fabrics were hand dyed with Procion dyes.

See you next time!

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