Wednesday 5 February 2020

Doodle Heart Card with Suzi

Good Day All, Today It's my pleasure to share with you my latest creation using a mix of Brusho Crystal Colour Powders and Acrylic Inks.  It's February at last, and I'm still feeling the Love, so I've created a card featuring lots of lovely Hearts.

Here's my finished card;
Here's how I created it;

The first thing I did was to created my background paper.  I had a piece of paper that I'd used to soak up some excess Prussian Blue and Turquoise Brusho Crystal Colour Powders from a previous project, so I took that and added a little more texture to it with some bubble wrap and watered down Ultramarine Acrylic Ink ( I add a little too much water, so the pattern merged).  Once dry I added some Gold Metallic Acrylic Ink with a dip pen, then blended it out with some water.  Finally to add definition I used a really small nibbed dip pen and Black Acrylic Ink to outline some of my pattern and add a border to the piece of paper.

Next it was time to create my focal images.  I had some Hearts that I'd created with Brusho Crystal Colour Powders and a Large and Small Heart Poly Plate(from Crafty Roo Designs), leftover from a previous project, so I decided to add some doodling to them with Acrylic Inks.  I added doodles with a coordinating Acrylic Ink, then more details with Gold Metallic Acrylic Ink and finally extra fine doodles with Black Acrylic Ink.

To Make my card I took a sheet of A4 White Card and scored it in half, I then added my background, and arranged my Hearts in a pattern I liked.

You can see some of my doodling in the close up, along with the gorgeous shimmer and shine you get from the Gold Acrylic Ink.

This was such a relaxing card to make, after all most of my elements were leftover from previous projects, so I spent the majority of the time on this project adding doodling, which was lots of fun.
You could add the doodling with a mixture of Brusho Crystal Colour Powders and water, but they would blend into your Brusho background; the joy of the Acrylic Ink is it doesn't bleed into the Brusho, and dried nice and crisp with a slight shine, whereas the Brushos dry with more of a matte finish.

I used a Bamboo Dip Pen to do most of the doodling, If you've not tried a Dip Pen I highly recommend it, especially if you find the idea of using inks with a brush scary, you have a lot more control of a Dip Pen. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading how I created my project.  Thanks You for Visiting with Us Today.
Bye for Now

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