Saturday 15 February 2020

Angelina Flower Embellishments

Hi! Snowdrops are starting to peek out through the leftover leaves from Autumn, and my Crazy/Art quilt 2020 project is well underway(more info at the end of this post)! So, I've decided to do a springtime bling bling technique that I can use on my blocks!
Angelina fibers are man made fibers that are iridescent and sparkly. They come in film form and fiber form- fusible and non- fusible. For this project I am using fusible film and fusible fibers.

It's a simple technique, and very versatile! In addition to the films I used a 1" flower punch (you can also free cut flowers or use a die cutter), baking parchment and an iron.
Make sure to iron your fibers between sheets of baking parchment- a quick press should do the trick. Don't hold the iron in place too long as the fibers will brown. 

I tried a variety of methods.
  •  I cut flowers out of the film and ironed fibers in the middle.

  • I blended a couple colors of the fibers, ironed them together and then cut out my flowers. 

  • I combined fibers and film, ironed them together and the cut out my flowers.

  • You can also add things like sequins or glitter before ironing- the fibers then trap these small items into the mix.
These little flowers are great fun- I have already added some to one of my crazy blocks!
You are welcome to join in my 2020 project! Click here to join the Facebook group with more information and lots of tips and check out the Instagram at @tamaramaquilting and #tamarama2020sal .
I'm sure I'll be using these flowers in other blocks!
See you next time!
Make sure to check out all of the delish colors of Angelina that Colourcraft carries! 

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