Friday 13 December 2019

Winter Sparkle Card

This month on the Colourcraft blog, the theme is "Let It Snow". Have you had any snow yet or just frost?
The few clear yet frosty nights have been a welcome break from all the rain, and have inspired this Winter Sparkle card. The techniques could equally be used on a canvas or on tags, either for gifts or journalling.

I started with two pieces of dark A4 card, one purple, and one black. They actually ended up being almost identical!
Once the card was folded I masked the back but this was only partially successful, so I recommend making the design on card and then mounting it on another folded card when complete.

I sprinkled the card with a selection of Brusho colours: Prussian Blue. Purple, White & Grey. I also sprinkled on some Brusho SprinkleIT: Irredescent Flash & Pearl

This was then sprayed with spray starch and covered with cling film before leaving it the dry. This created a lovely background effect like frosty foliage

While this was drying, I drew and cut out a template on the matt side of freezer paper

I then ironed the gloss side of the freezer paper template onto the lower part of the card. This helps get a clean edge when sponging acrylic paint on. I made a mix of yellow, gold and bronze paint to get the colour I wanted, but the choice is yours!

Once the paint is touch dry, peel off the freezer paper stencil.

Now it's time to add some more sparkle! First I used a round ponge and embossing pad with silver embossing powder to create a moon

and the small snowflake polymer stamp on an acrylic block 

A heat tool will melt the embossing powder to give a lovely sparkle 3D finish.

I then added some trees to the sides of my design using silver DesignIT relief paste, applying the paste through the secured tree stencil using an old credit card. Lift the stencil away carefully upwards to avoid smudging the paste and allow it to dry.

I then used the same technique for the bottom of the card but with the pearl DesignIT relief paste and  TCW "Jungle Vines" mylar stencil.  Colourcraft does stock this so give them a phone call (01142421431) if you would like one as they are not all listed on the website.

Adding an eye and mouth to the stag finished this winter scene.

I hope you are keeping warm.

I would love to see your Christmas card designs, so please do share them with me.

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