Monday 30 December 2019

Back to Basics - quick Brusho card

I know that for most crafters, the period between Christmas and New Year is THE TIME OF THE YEAR when they can craft as much as they want. Well, I am not that lucky and have to go to work every single day :(

However, I am not allowing that to stop me having colourful fun!!! 
Hence the card! ;)

I started by sprinkling a Distressed Rectangle Polyplate with purple Brusho and iridescent SprinkleIt. Then misting it with a bit of water and... STAMP on watercolour card. 
While it was still wet, I added a little more SprinkleIt.

Once dry, I folded the A4 card and cut to shape to create a card.

As contract, I used a green gel pen to outline the shape - I have done the outline twice purely because I like my lines irregular and wonky.

I also outlined a stamped sentiment - you can see here what I mean by 'wonky lines'!

The last step was to mount the sentiment on the card.
Can you see the SprinkleIt sparkling??? I love it!

There you go - nice and easy and... preeeeeeetty!

See you next time!

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