Saturday 7 December 2019

3-D Mixed media Christmas Trees

Tis the season and all that! Time for me to realize I've missed all the post deadlines for international post and frantically making Christmas cards anyway!

I started by decorating normal copier paper with the Brusho Wax Resist Crayon.
I then crinkled up the paper and sprinkled on Brushos.
Add water with a spray bottle and/or foam brushes and you get some funky surfaces! Some of the pieces I added more crayon marks and more Brusho.
I made a tree shaped template and traced this onto the paper side of fusible web, I cut these out outside of my traced line and ironed them onto the RIGHT side of my decorated papers. Make sure to use something to protect your iron! (I use baking parchment).
I then cut one "base" tree out and sewed it onto a felt backing. I needed to freehand sew this as the fusible made the new paper product stick to the foot.
I then cut a second tree into strips using a zigzag scissor and sewed onto my base tree/felt sandwich.
I made sure to leave the base tree peeking through! 
There are a lot of different ways you can cut and layer your trees.

So much fun to do! And now I can glue or sew them onto cards and voila! Unique Christmas cards!

Hope you enjoy this project!

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