Monday 2 December 2019

Acrylic Paint Art Journal

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you something I don't often do - an Art Journal. My main inspiration behind it was the need to do stamping... a lot of stamping!!! To make it happen, I used ArtFoamies stamps and Colourcraft Eco Acrylic Paint.

To start a glued and gessoed over two pages from an old book - I like how the letting can be seen thorough the paint later on. I also like highlighting some of the words by drawing boxes around them once the page is finished.

As background, I wanted an ombre pink-to-white with some lifted mandala designs (once done, turned out I didn't really like them so they ended up being covered... yikes!).
I also painted purple spots in three columns.

First layering of stamps was done by the humble paint lid.
I dunked it in teal paint and stamped on the page.

Next was the spotty circle and green paint.

Then lines and crosses - first in white, then (without cleaning off the white) purple, pink and even some teal - I like the uneven colouring.

I left it to dry before moving to the next/last stage.

With black and white gel pens, I outlined some of the shapes, drew a frame around the page, framed some of the background wording peeking through the paint and did some general doodling all over.

The end result - a bright page and fulfilled need of stamping.

See you next time!

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