Wednesday 18 December 2019

Christmas Decorations by Karen

I decided it was time to make some new Christmas decorations! I bought some wood slices and other supplies and put together some snowy scenes with the help of a few ColourCraft products.

I sprayed the sisal trees with Sea Green Brusho Mist Spray, turning them to spray from all angles. You can see the neturalcolour on the right alongside the colour when sprayed. There was so much colour on my craft sheet afterwards that I mopped it up with white card to keep for another project.

When dry, I gave the ends of the branches a touch of gesso to help stop the green bleeding in to the white and then repeated this with white paint for a snowy look. I sprinkled the trees with Brusho Sprinkle-It 'Flash' for some sparkle letting it cling to the wet paint.

To get an old brown-gold colour, I mixed a tiny bit of Prussian Blue in to the gold paint. The deer were coated with gesso to help the paint adhere and then given a coat of this paint mix.

I glued the trees and deer on to the wood slices, trying to make sure they looked good from different angles. Expand-It was the applied round these with a painting knife and then heated to puff up and look like snow on the ground.

To finish, I gave the Expand-it and and wood parts still showing a thin coat of white paint with a little white Pearl powder mixed in. This gives everything a lovely shimmer but still lets the wood grain show through. Unfortunately I don't think this shows in the photos.

We now have these on show in our house but they would also make nice hostess gifts at this time of the year.
Have a great end to the year. I'll be back with a new project on New Year's Day!

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