Saturday 3 August 2019

Pouring with Colourcraft Acrylics

Paint Paint Paint! This month a lot of the blogs will be focusing on yet another thing that Colourcraft is fabulous with...PAINT! What better way to celebrate paint than to show some Acrylic Pouring techniques?
Paint pouring is a method where one adds a medium (or more) to acrylic paint and then enough water to make it run nicely. The idea is that the medium slows down the drying time as well as making your acrylics flow- this allows you to make multiple cool effects.
For this session I used Eco Acrylic Paint combined with Flow Medium as well as Floetrol (an acrylic "conditioner" that can be found in some hardware shops).

You can see all the action on the video 

I might have to embellish this one by drawing in a peacock!
 This one I think I will add lines to give it a quilt block effect.

 I really hope you enjoyed this! If you want to see more pouring techniques check out a couple of my previous blogs here and here as well as a super cute idea for pendants by Karen, another blogger, here!!

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