Wednesday 21 August 2019

I Believe in Magic with Suzi

Good Day All, Today It's my pleasure to share with you my latest creation using lots of yummy ColourcraftLTD products.  Our theme this month is 'Paint, Paint, Paint' so for today's project I decided to use Aztec Lustre Paints, along with a little ExpandIt Paste and Glitter.

The First thing I did was create some wonderfully sparkly background papers;
Look at the gorgeous rainbow they create when put side by side, and the sparkle is amazing.

I then created a few patterned backgrounds, and picked this one for my project;

I then decided to start work on my focal point.  I took a Unicorn Stencil and applied ExpandIt Paste through it, then added some Iridescent Silver Glitter.  

I love the texture of the Unicorn.  Next I added a little Washi Tape for pattern to the bottom left and top right corners of the background. I then added some Gold Acrylic Paint around the Unicorn and sentiment as well as onto the Unicorn to highlight the Horn, Tail, Main and Hooves.  Using a Star Stencil I added some Stars with a Gold Gel Pen.

I decided that I wanted to add some shadows to the card, the gold hadn't give me enough contrast.  I went around the Unicorn, Sentiment and the Edge of the paper with a Koh-I-Noor Aquarelle Graphite Pencil. I then added it to a card blank.
I was much happier with the contrast now, but the background was missing something, and I hated the sentiment; the texture was wonderful, but you just couldn't read what it said, so I had to change it.  
To remedy the problem with the sentiment, I stenciled the sentiment onto the Pink paper i'd created, trimmed it to size and added Gold Acrylic Paint followed by the Koh-I-Noor Aquarelle Graphite Pencil around the edge of it, before gluing over the previous sentiment.
Using a White Paint Pen I filled in the Gold Stars I'd previous created and added some doodling.

As you can see the White Stars and Doodling really complete the card.  Here's a close up of the sentiment, and a little of the Unicorn. I'm not sure if you can see the sparkle from the glitter on the Unicorn, but it looks wonderful in real life.

I'm really pleased with the finished card, to be honest at one point I really didn't like it.  I love the texture of the Unicorn, I think I'm going to experiment with other pastes to see what other looks I can give to the Unicorn.  The Aztec Lustre Paints create such a gorgeous background, and blend together beautifully, a little goes a really long way too, which is always a bonus.  Changing the sentiment worked really well too, and I love how the White Stars and Doodling brought it all together.  This was a fun project to create, I hope you like it as much as I do.

That's all from me for today
Happy Crafting

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