Saturday 19 January 2019

"Pouring" your heart out- a pouring medium project

February is just around the corner, which means Valentine's Day is! What better way to show someone you love them then to make them a piece of art, and why not "pour" out your feelings using Brusho Flow Medium and testing out some pouring techniques.

 This week I decided to try two different pouring methods.
First I made a template out of freezer paper which I ironed onto my canvases. Then I mixed my colors. I mixed normal white acrylic paint with the medium in one cup, and then added Brushos in Rose Red, Sunburst Yellow and Purple in my other cups. I stirred well and then added water until I got the consistency I wanted.
My first canvas I decided to do what is called a "balloon pour". First I poured some of the white inside of my masked area and spread it out. Then I dropped and swirled the other colors.

I didn't find my balloons so I took some bubble wrap which I pushed into these areas of paint. I kept dripping paint and then pushing the bubble wrap into it. It started to look like this:
I wanted to have a bit stronger colors, so I sprinkled more of the Brushos into the colored areas and blew a bit with a straw.
 This is what it looked like when I took the freezer paper off. It had bled a little under my mask, but that was ok! I sponge painted around it in Aztec Eco Metallic Gold paint and then drew in flowers with a paint pen.
For my second heart, I decided to do a flip cup. You can read more about that technique and even see a video on my earlier blog on pouring (link later in this blog).
I did the same thing with the mask, then I made my flip cup by adding the Brusho mixed colors to what was left in my white cup. I then flipped it onto the canvas, and tilted to spread around the colors.

 After this one dried, I removed the mask, used a stencil to add some DesignIT for texture and then painted the background with a rose gold color I mixed from Aztec Eko Metallic Bronze and Silver.

 Tada! I think they both look quite cool. I have to warn you though- pouring is totally addictive. I am really pleased with the depth of color I got using the Brusho medium plus Brushos! And it didn't take much of the pigment to get a lot of color. The medium is sticker than others I have used, but just adding a bit of water makes it perfect for these techniques.
Here they are again! Give it a go!

If you want to see more pouring techniques with the Brusho medium- check out another blog post I did here.
And the link for the pouring medium again is here: Brusho Flow Medium

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