Saturday 10 August 2019

Sunflower shoes

Last month I discovered Colourcraft's fabric paints and I painted some shoes with a galaxy design. I am hooked! This time I decided to stencil some shoes with a sunflower design on them.

Armed with a pair of white trainers, sponges, tape and the fabulous fabric paints I set to work and I had a ball.

Firstly, I removed the laces and then taped the rubber strip around the base of the shoes using masking tape. I used smaller pieces of tape around the top edge to ensure I got in as close as possible without taping the fabric of the shoe. I then used a thicker tape to cover the larger section.

I taped the daisy/sunflower stencil at various intervals around the shoe and using a pencil, I traced the outline. I did this so I could plan out the design and the number of sunflowers.

To achieve the variations in the yellow colour, I mixed a little red and white with yellow so that I had several yellow shades.  I then used a paint brush to paint inside the pencil lines.

I continued to paint all around the shoe and within the pencil lines.  I couldn't decide whether or not to remove the pencil lines, but I decided that they added something so I left them in.  I also painted the entire tongue of the shoe yellow as it made it brighter.

I love them ! I hope that you have a go - I would love to see what you make :)

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