Wednesday 14 August 2019

Painted Sleeve Protectors by Karen James

We have some fabulously talented fabric artists on the design team but I am not one of them. I am very much a paper crafter and mixed media artist but, just occasionally, I do feel compelled to sew something! I wanted some sleeve protectors and I like to recycle things so I decided to make some from an old cotton pillowslip. Rather than adding fabric paints to my stash of acrylic paints, I decided to use Fabric Medium with my Eco Acrylic paints to make them suitable for using on this project and to enable me to wash my protectors from time to time.

I mixed in fabric medium to each paint colour as I used it. The Fabric Medium is quite thick and is transparent so it doesn't change the thickness of the paint or change the colour. I started with black and sponged this on to a stamp which I printed on to the fabric. I repeated this until the cotton was covered with a random pattern, leaving plenty of space between each flower. You can see the black stays black and prints well on the fabric as a nice crisp image without bleeding.

Each flower was painted with an Eco Acrylic Paint and Fabric Medium mix, working one colour at a time and allowing these to dry completely between layers.

It was useful having two pieces of fabric as I could work on one while the other dried.

I used Magenta, Turquoise and Yellow to colour the flowers and then used more turquoise to stamp again in between the flowers as a background pattern.

Once these were finished and dried, I sewed them in to two tubes and seamed the edges, passing elastic through so that the protectors would stay in place.

I won't expect these to stay in pristeen condition. I am sure they will soon pick up ink and paint marks and I won't worry about this: It is what they are for. However, it is also nice to know that I can wash them as necessary.

I hope you'll consider giving this a try: An easy and practical project which can give a second life to your pillowcases or other fabric pieces. Careful if you work outdoors though, as I was here in France: You might get some curious visitors!

Fabric medium

Stamps by PaperArtsy

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