Monday 26 August 2019

Angelina Fibres on a canvas bag

Hi everyone!
I have been MIA for a while but I am back now... sorry for that :)

In August, I went to drop off some of my past projects with Colourcraft at their stand at Quilt Festival - I usually avoid going to busy conventions like this because I'm not a fan of crowds but I have to admit that this one was something else! Not only because of the amazing quilting work that I had the pleasure of seeing but also because I got to have a chat with the Colourcraft people and, most of all, get my hands on some brand new products. 

Let me tell you something... they are awesome!!!

Today, I will share with you my canvas pouch with some cool embellishments made using Angelica Fibers. Not that I am blowing my own trumpet but... I have the coolest fruit lunch bag in my department!

When I first saw the small package filled with shine, colourful fiber I was like... what do I do with this? But after a quick demo, my mind was fluttering with ideas!

Here goes:
Choose your stamps, black ink (it's better if it's pretty wet) and your fibres. set your iron on medium heat (Be careful not to melt your stamp with too high setting!!!) and have baking paper ready. Ink the stamp generously and arrange fibres so that they completely cover the design. Cover it with a sheet of baking parchment and iron over until you see the stamp design come through the fabric. Remove the baking parchment and delicately remove the fibres - now melted into a sheet - from the stamp. The result should be as the last pic above shows - the design stamped onto the luminous rainbowy fabric.

Repeat the process for all the stamps you want to use in your project.

Once all your designs are ready, cut them neatly out ready for assemble. 
Do not dispose of the leftover fibres - you can use them next time - no waste!!!

You can finish your project here by attaching the elements to your bag. I used spray fabric glue to do it (Crafter's Companion Stick and Stay for fabric is perfect for that).

Or you can do what I did and create a colourful background for the elements.

To do that, I outlined the main element on the bag to know where it would be placed once finished.
I then chose a flowery stencil and with plenty of colourful Opaque Fabric Paints, I added the flower wall over the bag.

Once the paint was completely dry, I attached the fibre elements onto the bag.

Because I wanted to add some dimension to the elements, I attached the butterflies only at their centre so that the wings were sticking out when the bag is filled with my apples and oranges.

The pouch is really fun and so far, everyone who has seen it, asked where I got it from...
I'm sure it's the rainbow sparkles that do it!

See ya next time!

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