Monday 28 January 2019

Upcycling my storage - Ewelina

Despite being an extremely organised person, my craft room is always extremely messy.
I blame it on the fact that I like seeing what I have so that I can grab it when I'm in the zone rather than having to look for it... 
I didn't want to show the extent of my messy studio to the wide public so you get to see only one of the shelves - on this one, I store some of the bases for my projects (small canvas, boards, wood slices, disassembled albums and other bits and pieces).

Here is the before and after ^^^ 

I started by grabbing one of my spare Dröna boxes (yes, I have a stash of those too!) and Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper called Masquerade Ball (I love those dressed up ladies!!!).
To top it up - both Opaque and Metallic Fabric Paints ... and I was ready to start,

I cut out the ladies and glued them onto the box.
CONFESSION: It wasn't the best decision and proved slightly messy afterwards. Don't make the same mistake!!! You should do your background first and then glue the ladies onto it.

I chose of my Artistcellar stencils and Blue Metallic Fabric paint to do the background.
I used washi tape to keep the stencil in place while dabbing on the paint.

Using a range of greens and pinks/purples I coloured the ladies - the Mixed Media Origins paper is a little bit like canvas so fabric paints are perfect for it! 

Once everything is coloured and dry, you should assemble the pieces together using fabric glue (I used spray Crafter's Companion Stick'n' Stay).

I think it looks pretty cool, don't you?

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