Wednesday 9 January 2019

Bloom Plaque with Suzi

Good Day All, Today I'd like to share with you a project I've created using the gorgeous Pearl (Lustre) Powders Pigments and Clear Embossing Ink and Powder on MDF and paper.

Before I started my main project I did a quick test to see what would be the best base colour on the MDF before applying the embossing powder and Pearl (Lustre) Powders.

I took 3 MDF Letters, painted one black, one white, and left the other plain.  I then applied a layer of clear embossing ink and embossing powder which I then melted with my heat gun.  Once cool I used a soft brush to dab on some of the Pearl (Lustre) Powders onto the letters, I then reheated the embossing powder.  As the embossing powder melts it mixes with the Pearl (Lustre) Powders and once cool the colour is permanent, and will not rub off.  If you want more intense colour you can repeat the process.  For this project I wanted a subtle effect.

Here's how I made my project;
I took a piece of mixed media paper, drew around the MDF plaque to create my background.  Then I took a stencil and applied clear embossing ink through it followed by clear embossing powder.

I then melted the embossing powder.

I then added Pearl (Lustre) Powders in Bright Red, Lavender and Sunshine Gold to my background, and reheated it again to set the colours.

I then began work on the MDF Plaque Elements, first painting them white, then adding clear embossing ink and powder to the areas I wanted to add colour too.

Here's a close up of the Heart section once coloured;

Here's a close up of one of the flower details on the front section of the plaque;

I then layered all the pieces of my project together to give the completed plaque;
As you can see I added MDF Letters to spell the word Bloom to the background I'd created.  These were coloured using the same technique as the rest of the MDF and coloured with Bright Red Pearl (Lustre) Powder.

Here's a close up;

As you can see you really do end up with a beautiful finish using this technique.  I'm looking forward to playing more with this technique, trying different base colours with the different colours of the Pearl (Lustre) Powders there is a wonderful selection to choose from in the store, so the possibilities are limitless.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my project as much as I enjoyed creating it, and I hope you'll give this fun technique a try.

Bye for now

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  1. Wow, that is so pretty. Haven't tried these powders yet but I really want to give this technique a try. Thanks for sharing. Hugz


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