Saturday 5 January 2019

Sunprinted Heart Mini Quilts

Happy New Year everyone! Here is hoping that 2019 brings love and light and loads of creativity to you all!
My first project for 2019 are sunprinted mini quilts featuring hearts!

I've printed these hearts on both the pretreated fabric as well as the pretreated paper.
Sunprinting or cyanotypes are a direct photographic process. You place objects on the pretreated product and then place it in sunlight or under a UV lamp. Where the light is blocked, the chemicals will rinse out, leaving white (or whatever color the original paper or fabric was) where the light reaches develops into a lovely cyan blue color. 
I started off by creating my heart with buttons or lace- adding other charms, or a key or even stickers. As I live in Sweden, and it is January! Sun is in great demand, so I placed my items under a UV lamp (aka black light). These are used for lighting effects at discos as well as helping plants grow! 

I let these sit in the light for a good 10-15 minutes. Removed my objects and rinsed in cold water.

And that's it! It's THAT SIMPLE! :) 
For the prints I did on fabric, I added a thin wadding and backing fabric, freehand quilting and even sewed on one of the buttons I had used for my original "print".
There are so many cool ideas you can explore with this technique and they make an easy, fun and unusual valentine! 

If you want to learn some other ways to use these pre-treated sunprinting products- check out my previous blog post!

Happy creating! And see you in a couple of weeks!

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