Monday 14 January 2019

Starry Canvas Backpack with Ewelina

Yeah, paint on fabric seems to be my thing recently... 
I have a whole massive set of awesome Opaque Fabric Paints and I'm not afraid to use them.
Thankfully, I also have boxes upon boxes of various canvas products from Canvas Corp...
I'm such lucky girl, you know!!!


This time, I wanted to make my backpack worthy of a star... I got a blank canvas bag, Art Foamies star set and various green and blue paints.

The aim was for the stars to be slightly grungy but colourful so I dabbed 2-4 different shade on each stamp before imprinting the design on fabric.

Here's what the first star looked like!

I did the same with all the remaining stars - I didn't want the stamping to be extremely neat; I love the handmade, slightly rustic look.

That's me in progress... Slightly messy but extremely satisfying!

Now, I am ready to fill my bag with some goodies and go off walking with my mini-me.

See y'all next time!!!


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