Saturday 24 November 2018

Creating Depth with Brushos on Fusible Web

Greetings everyone! November is winding up and I thought I would follow our Design Team's theme today "Layers" by showing you a super easy way to add extra depth to your art quilt projects using Brusho on fusible web!

I started by cutting out a couple of pieces of a fusible web. I sprinkled on some colors of Brusho powders (violet, purple, prussian blue, ost. blue and lime green), and then spritzed with quite a lot of water.

I just love how the paper underneath scrunches up  making the Brushos blend and pool! 
While these dried, I got out some fabric which I had ice dyed this summer with Colourcraft Procion Dyes. It doesn't have to be summer to ice dye! Actually, if you live somewhere where you already have snow, you can use the same technique that's in the blog- just leave it longer! 

When my they had dried, I peeled off the fusible off of the backing paper . The backing paper is great for collages! Here you can see the backing paper and the peeled off fusible. Don't worry! There is plenty of color left on the fusible to get a cool effect!

Then it's just a matter of placing the fusible on top of your fabric pieces and pressing into place- make sure to use parchment paper to protect your iron though! I've taken some before and after pressing pictures, the colors get brighter and stronger after you press them- that's because the fusible looks white, but turns clear after pressing!

You can see how it adds depth to my original fabric! I decided to leave the first one as it is at the moment- I think i will be a great base to an embroidered landscape, but I wanted to do more to the second, so I got out a stencil I found at Panduro and taped it onto my background. I put some navy blue and turquoise opaque fabric paint onto a palette and used a stencil brush to dot on the paint!

When I had finished painting…
I removed the tape and pulled the stencil off to reveal…
Voila! I think this will be quite fun to make more of and I love all the colors and blending that I got with these techniques.
See you next time!

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