Friday 23 November 2018

Berries and Blue Tones

Berries and Brusho blue tones. 
There's a chill in the air, the nights are darker, the leaves are dropping and the berries are starting to take centre stage nestled amongst the bare branches.
A great time of year for looking to nature for painting inspiration. 

I've got some step by step photos of how I created this Brusho painting on watercolour paper. I hope you like it.

Firstly I used a water spray to wet all the paper and sprinkled Ultramarine, Emerald green and a small amount of Rose Brusho to the top third of the paper. 
With a large soft brush I dissolved the Brusho colours making smooth sweeping brushstrokes from the top of the paer downwards.
I tilted the paper so that gravity would help the flow of colour.

Whilst the paper was still damp a little extra Rose brusho and iridescent gold SprinkleIT powder gently scattered through the middle really adds to the background.

A little more water spray may be required to activate the SprinklIT powder, but once I was happy with the effect I allowed the surface to dry.

On a palette I mixed Ultramarine Brusho and Dark Brown Brusho together with lots of water to achieve a wonderful soft grey shade and began painting the first layer of foliage/leaf/berry shapes.

A full brush with a good point allowed me to achieve some simple more defined leaf shapes and twigs with a slightly richer mix (less water)

Then my favourite part - the berries. Once again on the palette I mixed a Rose Brusho and applied the colour onto the paper with a brush. As I painted each berry I tried to leave a small round area unpainted to act as a highlight. 

Once the Berries were dry I wanted to really enhance the shine and try and make them look as rounded and juicy as possible.
For this I used a white gouache paint just dotted on for the highlight and a line that curved along the bottom of some of the berries. Hopefully you can see that on this closeup.
Some of the background berries got a further layer of a slightly darker rose mixture. 
Rose, ultramarine and dark brown mixed together made the berries at the back look in shadow compared to the highlighted ones.

This darker combination of Brusho also gave me a great shade for painting in the twigs and branches for the berries. I wanted to make the lines look as natural as possible and to flow down from the top of the page so I used a rigger brush. (A rigger has long thin bristles that are great for painting lines)

The final layer on the berries came in the form of Aquawax. Aquawax is a great product that I have used in resist techniques but it is also great for adding a sheen on the top of your Brusho. After allowing the colours to dry I dabbed on the wax with a brush to form a nice soft sheen layer over each berry.
The wax looks cloudy at first but dries clear.

And here is the finished piece with touches of Aztec gold splattered for extra bling.

I hope you like it.
If you have a go yourself we would love to see what you come up with. Leave us a comment.


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