Monday 19 November 2018

Christmas canvas banner with Ewelina

It's mid-November so call me crazy but I have already started working on my Christmas decorations!
Don't get me wrong, I am not displaying them anywhere yet - they're all going to nicely wait in a box in my studio until the first week December. I am not that crazy!

My first make is a canvas banner from Canvas Corp which I altered to hang on my front door when the time comes.

I started by priming the banner in Procion fixer, which comes as part of the Dytek Procion Dye Complete Starter Kit and will create a base for the Brusho sprays. I have done it last week so that it could air dry thoroughly. 
Once on my working table again, I sprayed it with Scarlet and Sea Green Brusho Sprays and left to dry.

Next, I used gold and bronze Metallic Fabric Paints to stencil on a Christmassy design.

While the paint was still wet, I generously sprinkled Gold and Bronze SprinkleIT to add texture to the stencil.

I purposefully made it uneven and added more SprinkleIt is some areas than others - I really like the distressed, grungy look.

What do you think?

Get ready for some more Christmas things when I'm back in two weeks!

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