Monday 5 November 2018

Easy Art Journal Page with Ewelina

Hey everyone! Today, I have for you an easy, slightly industrial looking Art Journal Entry - mainly because I've not played in my AJ for a while and thought it was time to do some catching up...

This time, I didn't use the brusho powders but opted for the Brusho Acrylic Sprays. I chose Charcoal, Violet and Turquoise to create omber effect - darker on the out and lighter in the centre. I sprayed one colour at a time and dried before adding the next one - they will blend anyway as they're water based. I also like that as you dry the layers, they create their own shades and lighter/darker pools.

I chose Dina Wakely stencil because it's got a mix of designs - dots, alphas, splats, florals - which I thought would look great on the dark background.
I attached the stencil to the journal using a bulldog clip to make sure it stayed in place during the process. Then, I run Finnabair Heavy Gel Medium through it.

While the gel medium is still wet, using a soft brush, distribute Brusho SprinkleIt (I used Gold and Copper) all over the design. Be careful not to smudge the stencilled elements!
Once that's done, using heat gun, thoroughly dry the whole page.

Now all you need is delicately brush-off the surplus powder and... you're done!!!

I love my sparkly golden page!

  I shall see you next time!!!

Have a great November!

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