Wednesday 14 November 2018

Woven Paper Card with Suzi

Good Day All, Today it's my pleasure to share with you my latest creation; I decided it was time to get started on my Christmas Cards, so I'd like to share with you a card featuring some paper weaving.

The first thing I did was to created my patterned papers;
I decided to create a set of two tone papers, using Eco Acrylic Paints and Aztec Lustre Paints.

Using a brayer I added a layer of acrylic paint to my paper.

I then added a layer of Lustre paint using the same brayer.  I repeated this process until I was happy with the result.

I created three different papers using the following paints

I then cut the papers into strips of various widths.

To create my woven background, I first took a strip of low tack masking tape and layed it sticky side up and added my horizontal strips of paper.  I curled the ends of the masking tape over so they stuck to the working surface, and kept my papers in place.

I then took strips of paper and wove them between the strips I'd added to the masking tape, I continued adding strips until I reached the end of the horizontal strips.

I then carefully removed the masking tape, and turned my woven piece over, so the reverse side was face up. I then added a piece of double sided adhesive sheet that i'd cut to size.  The adhesive sheet kept all of the strips in place, so there was no risk of any movement.  I took strips of the red paper and added them around the woven piece to create a frame.  I then added the whole thing to my card blank.

The next step was to create my sentiment.  I stamped Merry Christmas onto some white card stock using blue permanent ink, then die cut the sentiment.  I also die cut a frame from some of the blue paper I'd created to frame my sentiment.

To finish my card I took some cheesecloth and coloured it with the Aztec Eco Metallic Lustre paints in Aquamarine and Blue. I added this to the card behind my sentiment.  As a final embellishment I added a few gems to my blue frame.

I love how this card turned out. I especially love the sparkle from the Lustre Paints, Which are currently on Special Offer on the website.  I also really like how it looks like it has lots of layers, but it is still thin enough to fit into a standard envelope, so can be easily and cheaply mailed to it's recipient.  It was fun to make and didn't take very long.  It's also simple enough for children to make, if they want to help out with your Christmas card making!

I hope you've enjoyed my post today,
Bye for now
Happy Crafting

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