Saturday 23 May 2020

Layered Garden with Transfer Colours

This week the Fabulous Clare did some tips, tricks and demos with Colourcraft's transfer paints in a live broadcast on Facebook! You can watch it HERE

Anyway, I also love playing around with Transfer paints. This week I thought I would take inspiration from my last blog post, this time doing similar techniques but on fabric!

I decided to use transfer paints and crayons- that way I could do my images on paper first and then layer them onto fabric when I transfer them with an iron.
Transfer colours are paints, crayons and pencils that you draw and paint on paper with (normal copy paper is best really) and then transfer over to fabric with polyester content (or that has been treated with transfix) by using heat. I started by decorating my paper- I used an old candle and Colourcraft resist sticks to scribble on paper- even over a rubbing plate!! I painted around some hot glue stencils I made for my last blog. I used some makeup sponges to stamp through a paper stencil I made and around actual leaves I had picked. 

These are the finished papers I made:

The wax resists the paint, I also flicked some droplets onto some of my pieces. 
I then played around with using pieces I had cut out of plain paper as masks and ironing the different paintings in layers onto a glittery satin. 
Leaves laid on the fabric...

This is with the "background" painting ironed over the top.

This one is with several of the paintings ironed on top of each other. 

This one is my favorite result! The paper paintings often can be used more than one time- giving a lot of depth and texture to a piece.

Here was the one I had done on paper with Brushos:
I'm quite pleased that I managed to imitate the effect! Of course, I had done the one on fabric with mostly shades of grey, but you can see the similarities.
Here are some more links to blog posts I've done with transfer paints:

See you next time!!!

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