Saturday 9 May 2020

Make your own stencils for a Beautiful Brusho Garden

Hello Everyone!
Spring has sprung and the garden is getting out of control! One of the things I've been doing during these crazy times, is experimenting with journaling and online classes etc. One of the journal exercises I had a lot of fun with was by Karen Stamper. She did a lot of scribbling, painting, drawing- in a really freestyle form to make a garden drawing in black and white.
This is my version using hand made stencils and Brusho! And it is super colorful. Best part about it- you don't need to know how to draw at all!

First I decided to make some simple stencils. For this I needed a hot glue gun and glue sticks as well as freezer paper.
First I "drew" simple designs on the freezer paper with the glue gun. I peeled these off to act as one sort of stencil.  My second sort of stencil were free cut out of freezer paper.

 I gathered the rest of my materials...
I grabbed every shade of green Brusho I could find, a couple of Brusho SpraysSpray BottlesWax Resist Sticks, a fat candle, brushes, palette and a sponge.
First I drew on my paper with the wax resist sticks and candle- random scribble lines as well as repeating my leaf forms. Then I laid out my stencils.
Time for some super fun! I sprinkled and sprayed! My freezer paper stencils tended to curl up, so I flattened them out and held while spraying. Then let this dry.

I re-laid the freezer paper stencils in different parts of the piece and sponged on brusho that I had blended with water.
You also can rip out leaf shapes from other paper and sponge around them- or sponge inside a hole you ripped out in a leaf shape!
I had picked some leaves and laid them on a stamp pad- pushing down with a piece of paper on top and then stamping them into the painting.

After everything had dried, I went in with coloured pencils and added more details. It's hard to know when to stop!
Hope you enjoyed that and give it a try! Next time I'm going to try to get this effect onto fabric!

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