Friday 15 May 2020

Sunset Collage

Where are you missing being able to go? I’ve been missing being able to go to the ocean, so this blog is about how I took myself there creatively. So I pictured a sunset over the ocean and made with a collage of monoprinted strips.


All you need is a smooth flat surface: glass, laminated sheet, polythene pocket. You can use your tabletop but it can get messy!

You can watch this process in a short 14 minute film:

I used eco acrylic paint: yellow ochre, vermillion, and also metallic acrylic paint: orange, red, pink.

Spread some paint out on your surface. A brayer roller helps to spread the paint into a thin layer, but you can improvise with an old store card.
You can make marks in the paint, and can use the end of a paintbrush, or how about you look around at home to see what you have to produce a pattern. I tried a fork, a bottle top, and a whisk.

Lay a sheet of paper over the painted surface, press down, and then pull off. You can repeat without adding any more paint and get a “second generation” print off.

I love this organic printing process, as you can relax and enjoy seeing what you get! You can quickly get lots of pages to use in projects.

I already had some pages I had printed in sea colours (viridian, turquoise, metallic aquamarine …). I also had some painted newspaper and some glittery wallpaper sample. Torn tissue paper is also great for this too.

Repeat the printing process above to create pages for the ocean.


One the paint has dried, tear the printed pages into strips. Irregular works best.

I like to loosely audition the strips to get the arrangement I want.

Take a piece of cardboard and apply glue to the top half. A sponge brush is great for this. Then lay the torn, painted strips down on the glue, pressing and smoothing with the foam bush. So some glue will end up on the top surface, but it will dry clear and help to seal the collage. It is also nice to have some slightly curling edges, as this adds depth to the scene.

You can then fill in any gaps you don’t like with other small pieces of the printing or some tissue paper.

Apply glue as you work downwards, completing the ocean. Leave the collage flat to dry.

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