Friday 8 May 2020

Brusho and Alcohol on Glossy Card

Hello!! Teresa here with a different way of using your Brusho powders. We all know that Brushos can be activated with water to create vibrant and interesting backgrounds, but have you tried mixing them with isopropyl alcohol??

Take a piece of glossy card stock (the type that you use with alcohol inks) and sprinkle Brusho over the surface.

Take a pipette and drip isopropyl alcohol over the surface. You will see that some colours activate a lot, some very little. Experiment with different colours of Brusho to find out how they react.

Allow to dry - you can use a heat tool (carefully) to speed this process. Then take a large soft brush and dust away any residual Brusho powder still on the surface.

Decorate your background with die cuts and a sentiment sticker.

The Brusho and alcohol create a soft dreamy background.

Try other colour combinations ( black, alizarin crimson, lime green, orange):

You can get some surprising effects.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today!

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