Saturday 2 February 2019

Spring Tulips with Colourcraft Transfer Colours

The days are finally starting to get longer again, and in Sweden, that means it's time for tulips to appear in all the shops! To celebrate this, I wanted to show you a fun way to decorate fabric with transfer paint and crayons.
I began by painting some papers- thinking of tulip stems, tulip leaves and the colors that tulips are themselves. I mixed quite a lot of water into my colors. I also took some A6 sized paper and just drew funky decorations on with the transfer crayons.

Then I folded the crayon drawn papers in half and cut out vases, and cut out leaves, stems and petals from the painted papers.

To make things easier, I used a tiny bit of glue stick to stick together the vases and flowers how I wanted them.

And now comes the time for transferring! I like using a white Duchesse fabric- it's 100% polyester (makes for better transfers) and has a lovely hand and sheen!
Here you can see how I took a vase, flipped it upside down onto the fabric, I then ironed it with a piece of baking parchment over it to protect my iron, and voila! The third picture shows the result.

Here I cut a second vase out of a painted piece of paper, which I ironed on first to the fabric, and then added the vase plus flowers on top.

Here I was adding a second vase to add an overall color to the initial vase after I had printed that.
And again! the finished results! This was a really fun project to do.
If you want some more ideas of what to do with transfer dyes, paints and crayons check out these blog posts I had done before!

See you next time!

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