Saturday 23 June 2018

Transfer dyeing- How to make bubbles and more!- A little fish art quilt

Memories of summer...make me think of BUBBLES! and water...
This week I wanted to show you how to make a bubble texture using Colourcraft Transfer Dyes. I had fun making this little quilt and used both the dyes and crayons for creating the patterns for the fish as well.
Transfer dyes can be used in a few different ways. I used them to create designs on paper which I then transferred to fabric by pressing with an iron. These dyes adhere only to fabrics with polyester content- the more the better, and are permanent!

The first texture I wanted to create was bubbles! I got the idea from watching a video of creating bubble patterns onto paper using ink...but how to get that onto fabric? Transfer dyes were perfect since you apply them to the paper first.
Below you can see where I have blended a thick liquid soap with a bit of water and some of the powdered dye. It's just to mix together, blow bubbles with a straw and then apply paper to get the image (more detail in my video).

If you are having troubles with this step- try some of the following:
  • No color in your bubbles? Try mixing the dye powder with a bit of water before blending into the soap.
  • Bubbles aren't staying up long enough to print? Try adding a bit of glycerin to the mix!
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with your soap type- dishwashing liquid, and even soap bubble mix should work- you might just have to experiment with ratios of water/dye powder and if you need glycerin or not.
Here are some bubble prints made with different colors and soap combinations:

I decorated more papers with the transfer dyes- mixing them with water first and dropping, painting, spraying with water, as well as doing some rubbings with transfer crayons. These I ironed onto different colors of polyester satin and then cut out my fish shapes.

Watch the video here  for more information:

My fish were sewn on, with a bit of extra batting behind them to give a slight trapunto effect. I then added batting and a backside and quilted everything together! 
I wanted to add a little extra something brushed on Sprinkle IT onto the fins and bellies of the fish- and a wee bit in some of the bubbles. A little sequin and bead for each eye and there it is! "Plenty of Fish in the Sea".

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this project! I'd love to see what you make with bubbles! 

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