Friday 1 May 2020

Decoupage - Glass Jar

How to design and print your own tissue paper to use in a range of creative projects:

I used some tissue paper that had been on a gift I received so I ironed it first using a low heat setting. It doesn't have to be perfectly crease-free.

To print tissue paper it needs to be supported on printer paper. Spray an A4 piece of printer paper with re-positional (multi stick) craft spray adhesive

Smooth the tissue paper onto the sprayed paper and then trim around to A4 so no tissue is hanging off the paper.

Choose the image(s) you want to use and arrange on an A4 document. I chose some sewing based ones as I want to make a jar for keeping my bobbins in.

Print onto the tissue paper surface you have made and allow it to dry.

Cut the image to the size for your jar. I used a shallow jar so cut the sewing machine image and the word sew separately.


Derived from the French word d├ęcouper, which means “to cut out,” decoupage is the art of decorating objects using cut out designs.

Make sure your jar has any label, glue or dirt removed and is clean and dry.

Use a sponge brush to apply a layer of Mod Podge to the back of your tissue paper shape. Make sure you get an evenly spread coat and do this on a cleanable piece of plastic. Transfer the tissue shape to your jar and carefully smooth out the tissue paper. You can use your fingers or the sponge brush.

Cover the positioned tissue paper with a thin layer of Mod Podge to make sure it is protected. You can choose between glossy or matt Mod Podge. 
Leave to dry. As it dries the white Mod podge will turn clear so you can see your tissue paper design. 

I used a print of one of my favourite sewing quotes: sewing is cheaper than therapy for a large har for stitch utensils. I used a sewing machine and the word "sew" on a smaller jar than I am using for bobbins.

This same technique can be used for regular tissue paper (the non-bleed type is best) or the uppermost ply of a paper napkin. Mulberry tissue which has swirling fibres in can also look great in this decoupage project.

I made a collage of napkins and printed tissue paper on a taller jar to use as a vase. 

I love collecting different paper napkins for using in craft projects. Have you tried decoupage yet?

Helen x

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