Wednesday 8 May 2019

Mixed Media Spring Tag by Karen

Spring is fully underway here and I am seeing birds nesting everywhere at the moment so that was my inspiration for today's project.

I started off with a wood support and applied transparent Design-It paste (previously Soft Form Paste) through a tree stencil. Now spot the 'deliberate' mistake! I forgot to mix in my brusho powder before applying the paste! Happy accident: Time to experiment by adding the powder on top and seeing how it would react. I helped it move a little by spraying water over the top and then left it to dry and for the paste to turn transparent. It resulted in a lovely charred bark effect which reminded me of pyrography: That could be handy for a later project.

While the paste was drying I applied Leaf Green and Light Brown Brusho Crystal Colours to one watercolour paper for the nest and mostly Cobalt Blue with a touch of Turquoise and Prussian blue to a smaller piece for the bird. I used plenty of water and tilted it back and forth to make the colour cover the paper and then left these to dry.

As I thought about the composition and decided to add some leaves in to the background, I coloured another small paper with Sea Green and Leaf Green Brusho Crystal Colours and added more Leaf Green and some Sunburst Yellow to one side of the larger paper. You can these below along with the texture and shine created by the Design-It paste.

Making sure to mix in the Light Brown Brusho Colour first, I continued the stencilling to the bottom of the tag and added paste across the reinforcer and round the edges.

I stamped and cut out my images using a text stamp for the nest. I repeated this to cut the strips of words to glue just by the edges in all directions like twigs protruding from the nest. You can see how this was done below.
After highlights were added with a white gel pen and an eye was created with a dot of dimensional enamel I think my birdie looks quite settled in her nest.

I hope you like this springtime creation. Thanks for stopping by.

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