Saturday 25 May 2019

Wax resist mini books

Hello! I recently got a bottle of Aquawax that I wanted to test out. I thought it might be fun to decorate some paper with Brushos using this and some other techniques to make some small art journals.

I decided to use a heavy duty craft paper for my experiments. This a thick brown paper that is actually normally used for protecting surfaces while painting! I started with the wax, a stencil, a wooden block, and a texture roller. I then marked my paper using these tools and the wax. Some of the wax I blended with Olive Green Brusho.

While I let the wax dry, I started decorating a second piece of paper using a wax resist stick  and started adding Brushos and spraying them.

When my first piece had dried, I added Brushos to that as well!
Very pretty effect- but I wanted more! So I took the same stencil and stamped and used them with Gesso.

Loving it! I took my other sheet and added doodles over the color changes using paint pens.
Once everything was thoroughly dry I cut the covers to size (I had some offcuts from another project
that I used as pages), stitched some funky details and sewed together my little books!
This was a SUPER fun project, and these little books make great gifts! 
See you next time!

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