Wednesday 1 May 2019

MDF Eternity Pocket Watch with Suzi

Good Day All,  Today I'd like to share with you a little Mixed Media project using some MDF shapes, Aztec Metallic Paint, Eco Acrylic Paint and Gloss Medium.

Here's my project, It's an MDF Pocket Watch 
Here's how I made it;
To Start off with I took an MDF Pocket Watch, and Watch Parts, and glued them together with some PVA Glue.

Whilst this was drying I mixed Copper Aztec Metallic Paint with Liquitex Gloss Medium.  This gives you a translucent metallic paint, which still has some of the shimmer of the Aztec Paint along with a permanent gloss finish.

I then painted a few layers of this mixture onto my MDF Pocket Watch until I was happy with the finish.  Once this was dry I glued on some pink gems around the edge of the watch.

I then painted the MDF word 'Eternity' with Magenta Eco Acrylic Paint, followed by a thin layer of gloss medium.

I then glued the MDF word to the Pocket Watch front.

To finish my project I added some Pink Twine to the top of the Watch, and created a chain from the same Pink Twine.

I love how the finished project turned out, so much sparkle and shimmer from the paint, and the contrast of that shine with the twine.  I've still got some of my shimmer paint mixed up, so I look forward to experimenting with other effects I can achieve with it.

That's all from me for today
Bye for now

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