Monday 27 May 2019

Man In The Moon Mixed Media Tag by Gail

Hello, Gail here today with a mixed media tag that was really fun to make.
I found a piece of MME patterned paper with a big moon face on it and decided to make a corrugated card tag with Silver Aztec paint stripes and Brusho SprinkleIt bling!! 

I cut a tag shape from a piece of corrugated card and ripped off some of the covering paper to expose the corrugations.  Rip until you are happy with the look.

I used White Eco Acrylic Paint to roughly cover the remaining flat areas and the top of the exposed corrugations.  I also worked some into the lower corrugations, making sure I left some areas unpainted.  Then I used Silver Aztec Eco Metallic paint through a stripe stencil, varying the stencil orientation for added interest.

I used a brush with water and wet a broad stripe from the top left to bottom right side of the tag.  Then I sprinkled Brusho SprinkleIt Iridescent Flash.  I used a dry brush and tried to remove some of it from the silver stripes.  This stuff sticks to wet really well!!!

I added the moon face cut from the patterned paper and framed with a chipboard ring.  I added some metal charms from Korthobby, a goodluck heart and a small bell, cos jingles are such fun, and attached it all on a ball link chain,

The sentiment is from Carmen's Veranda, stamped on ripped vellum. 

Thanks for dropping by.  I hope you have time to be creative today.  Hugz

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