Saturday 11 May 2019

Mixed Media Mini Quilts

Recently I started to participate in the #The100dayproject - I will be writing more about that at a later date, but the cool thing is that I got involved with a small group of textile artists and some of us have exchanged things and this project was inspired by a couple of them!

It all started with an exchange! I got a couple of lovely dyed fabrics by Sue from Sue Dreams in Colour and added one of my own to the mix. 
I then wove these together and stenciled it using a small mylar stencil (flower frenzy) and Pastel Pearl Fabric Paint.

While this dried, I decided to use a technique that Fran Harkes from McAnaraks had been playing with- that is melting Tyvek over rubber stamps to get interesting textures. 
First I painted my Tyvek with Aztec Eco Metallic paints.

I had recently ordered small grungy butterflies from Rubber Dance Stamps. So I inked up the plate, laid my tyvek painted side down over the stamp, laid a piece of parchment paper on top, and pressed with a warm iron. Tyvek shrinks with heat- but gets an impression of the stamp using this technique.
I carefully clipped out a couple of them and sewed them fast to my mini quilt.
There is so much interesting texture using these stamps and this technique!
I also had bought the Round in Circles stamp set- this time I pressed my tyvek on the stamp without ink. I also used the same stamp to add more texture to a new mini quilt.
Here is the result so far.

I hope you enjoyed this post! See you soon.

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  1. I enjoyed your post, such fun techniques and great results.


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