Saturday 4 August 2018

Mini Art Quilt- Sunflower with Brusho

August is starting, and that means the beginning of Autumn in Sweden (although you would never guess that with the heat wave we have been having).
Anyway, the end of the summer hearkens the blooming of one of my favorite flowers- the sunflower!

I started by drawing a basic sunflower form onto freezer paper, ironed it onto white cotton and then quilted it with batting and a backing fabric.
Then I tore away the outside and sprinkled with some blues and white Brusho, sprayed with water and let dry.
I actually kind of love this! I will have to explore this in another project. Anyway, I pulled off the rest of the paper. The Brusho had bled under the paper a bit, but it looks cool!
I went back to the sewing machine and quilted more in the center of the flower (I didn't want to quilt that much over the freezer paper as then it would be a pain to remove).
Then I added more Brusho to the middle and started on the petals, but decided to Gesso those first!
The petals are a pale yellow because I was brushing gesso over Brusho.
After the gesso dried I added more color- brushing Brusho directly on the petals.
And now for the exciting part! I think it is quite fun to roll paint over parts of a quilted quilt! So I took Aztec Eco Metallic Paint in a bronze color and rolled it gently over the seed area of the quilt. The key is to put just enough pressure to hit the tops of the quilted areas. I often practice on the back side of the quilt to get the effect I want.

I personally love the effect it gives-your quilt thread and the colors underneath show through, but the texture of your quilting is enhanced.
I hope you enjoyed this little mini quilt tutorial! See you again in a couple of weeks. 
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