Friday 3 August 2018

Autumn Hare with craftyroodesigns by Rebecca Yoxall

Autumn Hare with Brusho and craftyroodesigns stamps.

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This month see's a collaboration with Colourcraft and Craftyroodesigns with an Autumn theme. So make sure to check out all the other posts to see what everyone creates with the wonderful craftyroo stamps.
As some of you might know I'm not a natural stamper so I've had great fun experimenting with ideas and coming up with ways I can incorporate stamping into my paintings. This gave me an opportunity to look at how the decorative effect of stamping could enhance my work and give me a different direction.
I hope you like it.

I started with a limited colour selection of Brusho - 
burnt sienna
dark brown

I taped a sheet of heavy weight watercolour paper to a board and sprayed it with water. I sprinkled the colours very lightly in the centre of the paper roughly where I want the hare to go.

Once the Brusho was dry I grabbed a selection of floral poly stamps and mixed my Brusho colours with a white acrylic paint in order to make them opaque and cover over this first layer.
I used 'Rose doodles' 'Funky flower rose' and 'Funky flower chrysanthemum' 

Whilst this was drying I drew out my hare image in pencil as a practice so that I could draw in permanent pen on the Brusho and stamped texture.

Once I was happy with my design I copied this onto my piece. 

Next step is to paint in the background with white acrylic. Using a soft brush with a good point I carefully painted around the perimeter of the pen line to make the hare stand out.

The white acrylic will pick up some of the Brusho pigments from underneath too and will create a mottled pigment which I think adds to the surface effect.

After the acrylic layer was dry I went back to the stamps and wanted to capture a sense of the hare sitting amongst grasses and wild flowers.

Using the Ultramarine Brusho and white acrylic mix I stamped ' Spring flowers 2' along the bottom of the image.

Then further stamped colours on the top as well as some painted embelishements

I then added more detail with the white acrylic onto the hare's face, ears and eyes.

...and the final touch with a black pen - the whiskers

The combination of unique Brusho texture and colour and the decorative floral patterns created with the stamps gave me just the right illustrative style that I wanted.

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  1. Wow. I love the way you have used the powders. Gorgeous


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